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The Media’s About-Face

Remember how the media gushed over the Cuomo brothers, extolling the virtues of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s leadership and praising CNN anchor Chris Cuomo for his journalistic prowess. Even Hollywood celebs got into the act. Well, folks, the tide has turned. Gov. Cuomo has resigned in disgrace, Chris Cuomo is on extended vacation and the gushing media is in hiding.

CNN conservative and hater-in-chief, Brian Stelter, defends the situation, claiming he has no “reliable sources” for dealing with a journalism ethics issue this complicated, which, of course, is total BS. Kristi Leigh, long-time former news anchor at Fox and NBC, assesses the media’s about-face and offers up some Journalism 101 in this segment of InfoWars.

#Operation Mockingbird

Operation Mockingbird was an alleged Cold War operation where the CIA manipulated the media for propaganda purposes. With growing evidence that the FBI was complicit in plotting the Jan. 6 siege on Capitol Hill, could Operation Mockingbird be back?

Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald tells Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that not only are the intelligence agencies manipulating the media  and deceiving the public again, they are doing it openly without fear of repercussion. “They don’t even do it secretly anymore. They don’t need Operation Mockingbird,” Greenwald says. “They literally put John Brennan, who works for NBC, and James Clapper, who works for CNN, and tons of FBI agents right on the payroll of these news organizations.” Here’s more analysis from Greenwald.

It’s A Miracle!

Oh my God! A journalist acts like an actual journalist! And it’s actually Lester Holt on NBC, no less! Miracles do happen! More from Mark Dice.

Ratings Crash For Woke SNL

Saturday Night Life got a temporary ratings boost when it hired the controversial and spacey industrialist Elon Musk as guest host. But only a week later, SNL has sunk to new record lows.

Viewers are no longer watching the boring, half-century-old show. We’ve not only had it with the format, but the snide personalities, the woke Leftist politics and all the predictable propaganda. Time to trash SNL. For that matter, pretty much all of NBC could go down the tubes without anyone missing a beat. More from The Salty Cracker.



Trump Spotted At White House?

Independent journalism is alive and well while mainstream news continues to lie about Joe Biden being President. NBC anchor Lester Holt confronted on why the White House remains dark and the whereabouts of Kamala Harris. President Trump in Marine 1 spotted flying over the White House March 11. CNN Caught lying on live television.

This footage is all from Richard Potcner, who calls himself “Richard Citizen Journalist.” We pulled the video from Wil Paranormal’s channel on Bitchute.


CNN, NBC Staged Capitol Riot?

In a surprising leaked video, Mark Zuckerberg was caught on camera discussing the DNA altering effects of the new Covid vaccines, Rush Limbaugh has passed away, Mitch McConnell’s deep Chinese ties are revealed and CNN and NBC each paid John Sullivan. the Utah Antifa insurgent. $35k, far more than anything a normal reporter would make. How deeply are they involved? More from RedPill78.

The patriots are in complete control. Trump used the pandemic as cover to put everything in place. He knew once the truth starts to come out the [Deep State] will react. Optics are important. He has now delegated control to the military. The military and No Such Agency (National Security Agency) are the key. They have the information. POTUS and the people are the stone. More from the X22 Report.

RIP Rush Limbaugh. Trump punks dodgy Mitch McConnell.  Biden hosts a Town Hall. Zuckerberg goes anti-Vax. More from Jordan Sather in a new episode of Accordin’ To Jordan.

Pastor Caspar McCloud returns to SGT Report to discuss the mark of the beast vaccine and the end which for many, will come like a thief in the night.


Everything Is Fine

Everything is fine, the mainstream media assures us. Stay quiet. Don’t complain. There’s nothing wrong here. More from Mark Dice, covering CNN, NBC and the rest of the clown shows.

Watch as Porn Hub crashes CNN election map. Viewers noticed the presence of the adult film site on CNN correspondent John King‘s election map. Looks like he’s been hanging around with Jeffrey Toobin!

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We close with Rudy Giuliani, who believes Americans have just witnessed the Election Theft of the Century. Joseph Stalin described the crime, “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”
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Americans Should Sue Pollsters

Mimicking their 2016 performance, corporate pollsters were again in lockstep, predicting a landslide victory for the Democrats in the Presidential election. And once again they were wrong.

Coincidence? Political commentator Bill O’Reilly thinks not and he’s upset about it. The three major mainstream media TV networks–ABC, CBS and NBC–and cablevision’s CNN all prognosticated 10-12-point blowouts for the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket. With results in several states hanging in the balance, the margin is still less than one percent either way.

Says O’Reilly, “This time, if it’s wrong to the extent that it’s not close to this, even if Biden wins by one or two, I think some citizen watchdog groups should sue the individual polling agencies that work for the networks for fraud.” O’Reilly’s logic is that if the suit is legitimized by the courts, which it should be, you will find out in discovery why they were so badly wrong in both elections. In other words, what the hell is going on? Here’s more with O’Reilly on The First Channel.

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Enemy Of The People

Meet Brandy Zadrozny. Ostensibly, she is a journalist, employed by NBC. But in free time, she uses social media to dox anyone who supports President Donald Trump. She then tries to expose or intimidate them and ruin their businesses or their social standing. Here, Tucker Carlson outlines the sinister methods of Brandy Zadrozny, enemy of the people. More from Sinatra Says.

Speaking of Leftist media, CNN is going broke. The network just missed its profit targets by nearly $100 million. Rumors are flying that AT&T, which is CNN’s parent company, could soon fire CNN’s chief executive officer Jeff Zucker. Just goes to show the insanity of CNN and other Leftist media outlets. They no longer mirror the more moderate or conservative views of most Americans, but embody extremist and radical thought. More from the Liberal Hivemind.

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NBC Busted Falsifying News

We’ve all heard the term “fake news.” When you turn on NBC, that’s exactly what you get. Here, we see a town hall where “undecided voters” ask Joe Biden questions. The problem? At least three of the voters labeled “undecided” by NBC were, in fact, hardcore Biden supporters. So this was dishonest from the get-go, “fake news” at its worst. More from The Liberty Hound.

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