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What’s Happening at Sunspot?

What is the deal with the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico? Why has it been shut down and Sunsopot abandoned in its entirety? We are seeing lots of clickbait stories involving aliens. Jason Sather of Destroying the Illusions explains the origins of the observatory and offers his theories — much more plausible theories — about what is really taking place.

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The Daily Rabbit Hole finds something interesting: Google Earth images of Sunspot have been blocked by extensive cloud cover for the past couple of years. Folks, there is not that kind of cloud cover in New Mexico, which is why the observatory was built there. This is happening on Google Earth because there’s obviously some monkey business under way.

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In hurricane news, the reporter for the Weather Channel is having a hard time standing. He is bracing himself with his back to the wind and is still being rocked by the hurricane force winds. Meanwhile two men in the background are casually walking around checking their phones. Added drama for more excited viewing? Fake weather report?

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And Diamond and Silk give us an up-to-date and on-the-ground account of what’s happening with the hurricane in their neck of the woods: Fayetteville, North Carolina. They are riding out the storm, as they tell Jesse Watters on Fox News.

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