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Corona UFO Crash: Real Or No?

Is this the original “UFO Pod” after the July 1947 crash near Corona, N.M? Here, on a new Earthfiles broadcast, Linda Moulton Howe shares Department of Defense intelligence on Tall Whites, Greys and Insectoid alien species.

Liberal Cities Gone Wild!

Former meteorologist and recent New Mexico Republican gubernatorial and Senate candidate Mark Ronchetti welcomes Fox News contributor Jason Rantz to discuss the devastating consequences of progressive policies in the United States.

Get ready for a robust discussion on the left’s manipulation of language, lack of accountability and the impact of policies on everyday life. Ronchetti also talks about Israel’s strategic approach in the Gaza conflict and the roles of Russia, China and North Korea, while also considering the potential for the U.S. and UK to get involved, plus more.

All Will Be Revealed

We are here to unite and provide truth. That’s how Ann We Know opens their latest video, dealing largely with Mossad and Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein kept cameras and microphones inside every single room in every mansion, guest house and resort he ran, from Santa Fe to the U.S. Virgin Islands. He was capturing blackmail material from his guests. Material he could use to extort them, material he could use to make millions of dollars in blood money.

As we approach the precipice, who is trying to provoke war? Who is agitating one side against another? What are the coverups taking place? Who is pushing fear?

Banning Guns?

The New Mexico Governor is trying to ban guns? Sounds like a good idea to me…Not! Here’s more from Awaken with JP.

Gene Decode: Earth’s ETs

Gene Decode tells Conservative Patriot Nation (CPN) that many non-terrestrial races predated humanity, many of them more prevalent in the country’s Mountain States region..

Decode explains that deep down in the mantle there were perhaps the oldest living beings on Earth, who were non-terrestrials. He says this was before the Earth was solid and actually the moon of another planet, which was in orbit between Mars and Jupiter.

Another race of unfriendly non-terrestrials–the Ant People–inhabited the area in and around the San Luis Valley, in Colorado, followed later by the Arcons. “So you had these beings that were coming to Earth for a very long time,” he says. He explains further, plus offers more intel on Ukraine and the Maui fires, and more.


The 9/11 Emergency

This week on the New World Next Week: The 9/11 legacy continues to reverberate as the national emergency renewal ritual repeats; NATO’s false flag shenanigans are part of the latest Gladio trial in Italy; and the New Mexico gun grab psyop can be read in many ways. Here’s more from The Corbett Report and Media Monarchy.

Democracy Is Dead?

The democratic process MUST be protected (until it’s inconvenient). Here’s more from FreedomToons.

Grisham Facing Deep Doo-Doo

Significant and organized calls for impeachment loom for New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan-Grisham, who banned carrying firearms in Albuquerque for a period of 30 days.  Even David Hogg smells blood in the water and has taken Grisham to task.

You cannot suspend the U.S. Constitution, Guv. Obviously, you failed your civics class.

Says Styxhexenhammer666, “Did I die in my sleep?”

Cattle Mutilation Riddle Solved

The Armoured Skeptic prepares to jockey with the CIA — as well as NASA — in tackling the issue of cattle mutilations. Along the way, he gets into the phony moon landing and other instances of social  manipulations and distortions. We have a lot to learn as so much of the history we have been taught is a lie!

UFO Crash Retrieval At Aztec

Join us tonight as Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt reveals the Aztec UFO Crash Retrieval. This was a massive coverup involving a UFO that crashed in the vicinity of Aztec, New Mexico, in 1948. 

It stands in marked contrast with the new Intel ‘UAP Whistleblower’ David Grusch story that’s part of the false CIA UFO Threat narrative!

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