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Think Of The World Awakening

Future proves past…enjoy the show. Should the lights go out, know that we are in control. 10 Days of Darkness. The Great Awakening. Military control. We are winning bigly.

The scare tactics of the mainstream media and Democrats are failing. Promises made, promises kept. We are prepared and assets are in place. More from And We Know.

ChristianPatriotNews delves into the Q-posts from 2018 and says we can expect military tribunals to begin soon. How does the [D]epartment of [D]efense deal with terrorists and enemy combatants? The military is the only way, and the tribunals are the military’s chief tool to arrest and try terrorists or enemy combatants.

Look for the Law Of War Manual to come into play. Those charged will be arrested following the unsealing of indictments, and taken to Gitmo for trials.

Also in this edition, ChristianPatriotNews explores The Twitter Files initiated by Elon Musk, the Defense Department’s single largest civilian contractor.

RIP Lynette Hardaway!

Lynette Hardaway, better known as Diamond in the duo Diamond and Silk, has died suddenly at the age of 51.

We salute this conservative icon and share the grief of her sister Rochelle Richardson, who appears as Silk. No cause of death was listed, but former President Donald Trump hailed Hardaway, saying on Truth Social that her death “was really bad news for Republicans and frankly, ALL AMERICANS.”

Here, RedPill78 mourns the sudden passing of Lynette Hardaway, one-half of the dynamic duo Diamond and Silk.

Just Say No

Edmonton, Canada, rapper RC, joined by Chris Sky, perform “Just Say No.”


Speaking of rap, the Free the Patriot Tour opens tonight at the Manchester Music Hall in Lexington, Kentucky. The rappers taking part in the tour include Christians and U.S. military veterans. They are conservatives who have fought Liberal censorship, not only from YouTube, but also from the blighted Satanic music industry. Here, four of those rappers — Topher, Bryson Gray, The Marine Rapper and D. Cure — discuss their work with Diamond and Silk.

Wake Up Black America

Political commentators Diamond and Silk bring the heat on the lamestream media, and Democrat governors and officials, whom they claim are complicit with the chaos unfolding across the nation. Diamond, Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway, says, “It’s time for Black America to be woke up and stop being used as a pawn.” Appearing on Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co.,” the conservative sisters also discuss the divisiveness over party lines emphasized by African-American communities in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests across the country, as well as the backlash President Donald Trump is facing over resuming his campaign rallies.

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Twitter Bans Candace Owens

First Twitter bans Diamond and Silk. Now, Twitter has banned Candace Owens. Looks like Twitter has a hard-on against black women who don’t vote Democratic! More from Let’s Be Frank!

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Pence Addresses COVID-19 Fears

Judge Jeanine Pirro offers an exclusive interview with Vice President Mike Pence, who is leading the federal government’s task force to combat the coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic. The interview follows Justice Pirro’s opening statement delving into how the Democrats are complaining about President Donald Trump’s efforts to corral the coronavirus.

These are the same Democrats who complained when he stopped incoming flights from China and who sought to open US borders without checkpoints. Many even voted against legislation pertaining to the coronavirus after they failed at efforts to attach a bunch of superfluous spending proposals to the emergency bill. In other words, as always, the Democrats are flat-out liars and con artists.

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On another health matter, Diamond and Silk discuss a new piece of legislation, introduced by Democrats in Alabama, that would require men over the age of 50 to get a vasectomy. Now, they not only want to stop teenage sex, but also sex and procreation in your Golden Years! These Democrats never are satisfied. They will always try to control and patrol the masses!

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Reread the Constitution

Democrats keep pushing to rewrite, to change or abolish the U.S. Constitution. Maybe they ought to reread the Constitution first and stop trampling on our rights as Americans. That’s the advice of Diamond and Silk, who deliver one of the better talks at the 2019 CPAC — the Conservative Political Action Conference held over the last four days at National Harbor, Maryland. We’ll present a few other talks we liked, but it’s difficult to top Diamond and Silk.

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Here’s Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., discussing President Donald Trump’s global accomplishments and tough domestic stands, including the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice. Graham also promises to take “a long, hard look” at the censorship moves being pushed by social media companies, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Hallelujah! If these companies cannot allow open discussion and free speech, they have no business operating in America. They need to reform, or be kicked to the curb!

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka delivers a realistic, biting critique of Russia and socialism, and identifies China as the biggest threat against the United States. He talks about how President Donald Trump has taken a much harder stance against bullies than Barack Obama ever did. He calls the Green New Deal a “watermelon” — green on the outside, but deep, deep red and communistic on the inside.

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Here is Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA. He says Liberals do not mean well, they are attempting to rip apart America, destroy our prosperity and steal our freedoms. Conservatives, he says, should learn from President Donald Trump and fight the Liberals on every issue. “If there’s one thing we take away from what this president has taught us, it’s that when we, as a movement, fight, we win.”

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Watch for a second installment of CPAC talks a little later today.




California Keeps Sinking

Remember when California used to be the state everyone wanted to be? They had movie stars, endless sunshine, lots of trade and technological innovation. Now, California is a shithole. It’s as close as American life gets to the wretched slums of Venezuela. Diamond and Silk say the takeaway is obvious, “Fight for Americans, not illegal aliens.”

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Venice Beach used to be so inviting and fun, not only for artists and lovers, but also families and sports buffs. Now, it’s overrun by the homeless. It gives us a look at what we can expect elsewhere if progressives win the 2020 election, and regain Congress or the White House. Not pretty!

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What’s Happening at Sunspot?

What is the deal with the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico? Why has it been shut down and Sunsopot abandoned in its entirety? We are seeing lots of clickbait stories involving aliens. Jason Sather of Destroying the Illusions explains the origins of the observatory and offers his theories — much more plausible theories — about what is really taking place.

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The Daily Rabbit Hole finds something interesting: Google Earth images of Sunspot have been blocked by extensive cloud cover for the past couple of years. Folks, there is not that kind of cloud cover in New Mexico, which is why the observatory was built there. This is happening on Google Earth because there’s obviously some monkey business under way.

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In hurricane news, the reporter for the Weather Channel is having a hard time standing. He is bracing himself with his back to the wind and is still being rocked by the hurricane force winds. Meanwhile two men in the background are casually walking around checking their phones. Added drama for more excited viewing? Fake weather report?

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And Diamond and Silk give us an up-to-date and on-the-ground account of what’s happening with the hurricane in their neck of the woods: Fayetteville, North Carolina. They are riding out the storm, as they tell Jesse Watters on Fox News.

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Omarosa: Better Get Ready

Diamond and Silk have been silent so far about Omarosa Manigault. Not because they aren’t starting to formulate some opinions about the mouthy game-show host. Just that Diamond and Silk haven’t read Omarosa’s book about President Donald Trump yet, so why comment when the goods are still not out? The pair promise, though: Get your ass ready, Omarosa!

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In a related twist, NBC’s Lester Holt tried to strong-arm Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to censor President Donald Trump’s tweets because Trump called the traitorous skank Omarosa Manigault a “dog.”  First off, Holt, the last thing any news outlet should ever be doing is pushing censorship. You and NBC deserve to be boycotted based on that alone.

Secondly, the president has every right to call Manigault a “dog.” He could have called her a bitch, but he showed some restraint and didn’t. Ourselves, we’re inclined to side with former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, who worked with Manigault on the campaign trail. He describes her as a “rat bastard” and a “snake.”

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Bill Whittle, Scott Orr and James Green also discuss Omarosa Manigault and her book Unhinged.  They note that the news media immediately trust her allegations about Trump. What happened to real journalism, where reporters first tried to corroborate the facts? And are we falling into her trap by doing this show?

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