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Buckle Up, Where’s Durham?

The [Deep State] is now going into a deep panic. The preliminary results of the forensic audit are out and there is a pattern forming amongst all the states. Once the other states begin their audits, the pattern will be very easy to see. Tucker Carlson went ahead and talked about election fraud. Now more people know. Will he report on the AZ findings? The [Deep State] will now push their [False Flag] agenda. Be prepared because the ride is going to get bumpy, Durham ready. This won’t be just a report. It will be arrests. Buckle up. More from the X22 Report.


Children Rescued in Charlotte

Riss Flex reports that child crimes in the country have escalated dramatically this month and some of the worst cases are happening in North Carolina. More troublesome, Flex says, her research reveals that the North Carolina General Assembly has conspired to make child crimes legal.

Tune in to hear more details on Flex’s probe, including the rescue of more than 150 children in Charlotte from trafficking and prostitution.

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Pelosi’s Atmosphere Of Fear

Paranoid Nancy Pelosi is still clinging to her battalion of National Guard troops, although there is no longer a threat–or never was–on Capitol Hill. Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Greg Murphy tells Sara Carter he’s figured on why she is taking this course of action. “Speaker Pelosi has taken the emotions of Jan. 6 and has tried to string those out as long as possible, to try to present an attitude of fear and trepidation as long as possible,” Murphy says.

The North Carolina Congressman says the majority of the troops would be better served protecting and assisting federal agents on the southern border. Here’s more with Murphy on the Sara Carter podcast.

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Charles Barkley Unleashed

Former NBA star Charles Barkley called out the culture of division in our social justice system during a segment of the Final Four telecast over the weekend. Now a TV analyst for TBS, the Hall of Famer tore into the political establishment for dividing and conquering the public, while they rob us blind. “I truly believe that in my heart,” Barkley says.

InfoWars’ host Alex Jones, who featured the segment in his Sunday podcast says, “Of course it’s true.” He pointed to the Secretary of Defense, who has basically come out since being confirmed and proclaiming that all white people are bad. Same sentiment with the Asian owner of the Los Angeles Times.

Jones expands on his take, plus delivers a stunning  revelation that in the two years before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci were researching gain-of-function testing on SARS, COVID and coronavirus in North Carolina. They subsequently moved the research to the infamous lab in Wuhan, China, where the COVID pandemic allegedly originated. Here’s more with Jones.

Democrats Self-Destructing

The [Deep State]/Democrats are now in self-destruct mode. Trump has now set everything up and the the Mainstream Media/Democrats are self-destructing over their policies. Sometimes people need to see the truth to understand what is really happening. This is just the first stage. The [DS]/Ds are getting ready to pull the trigger and Trump is just waiting. Treason, sedition, election fraud and crimes against humanity will be exposed to the world. Trump has control of the board. Watch his next move. More from the X22 Report.


24 newly charged with voter fraud in North Carolina and more in other states. A new DHS insider has released pictures inside the horrific Biden child detention camps in Texas. A former DOJ prosecutor is demanding that all US businesses take an oath swearing that the 2020 election was “free and fair.” A Chicago Cubs minor league player was arrested with 21 pounds of meth. Spain calls into question the statistics of their child Covid deaths and China has big money in USA education system. More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State] is losing its grip! The damn is beginning to crack and break. The world is beginning to wake up! How long can these jerks hold when the walls come tumbling down on their heads? More from And We Know.

Want to reclaim your birthright, take your country back AND hold those who have harmed you accountable for their crimes? This is HOW to do it. Mark Emery and Paul Peterson join the SGTReport to provide the details.



Deep State Opened The Door

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are doing exactly what the patriots want. They are now reversing everything Trump has done and while they are doing this they are red-pilling millions of Americans. The [DS]/Corrupt Politicians just opened the front door. Think Space Force and the impeachment trial. In their impeachment document they have brought in election fraud, Trump has the ability to counter the statement they made. More from the X22 Report.

Today we learn some info re: that Child Porn suspect down in Florida who murdered two FBI agents, Mad Maxine Waters makes another incendiary statement about President Donald Trump. Renowned mathematician proves the 2020 election fraud. WallStreetBets death rattle. Biden making kids in cages great again. Three Idaho National Guard die in Black Hawk crash. Wisconsin prosecutors come after Kyle Rittenhouse and a North Carolina teacher is an avowed revolutionary who may be influencing YOUR kids! More from RedPill78.

Space Force! Rigged election! Nazi muppets stoke chaos and pillow wars! Fake White House at Castle Rock! More from McAllister TV.

Trump to testify? Marjorie Taylor Greene, Mike Lindell, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Greta Thunberg, Vax passports. All this and more from Jordan Sather on According’ to Jordan.

Big Questions Loom

Before the Presidential election is officially certified in early December, there are several key questions and suspect situations that have to be dealt with. That’s the  take from political commentator Bill O’Reilly, who has a knack for ferreting out the truth.

The former mega-anchor of “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News, he lays out a myriad of circumstances that occurred on election night that just don’t make any sense, beginning with the actual vote count itself. At the forefront of the mystery are the insurmountable leads that President Trump held in at least four swing states–Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin. Add to this anomalies in Arizona, a state that was called for Joe Biden right out of the box on election night but has now narrowed significantly, and Trump’s huge lead in North Carolina that still stands more than a week later but has not been called.

It appears that the most egregious shenanigans appeared in Pennsylvania, where at the midnight hour of election night, Trump was leading Biden by a whopping 664,000 votes. Voting was mysteriously halted and by early morning Biden was in front and on his way to a 45,000-plus vote victory–an incredible swing of about 700,000 votes! “Hard for me to believe,” O’Reilly says, “and I’ve been doing this for 50 years.”

O’Reilly gives us more analysis and explains why the intervention from Justice Samuel Alito in Pennsylvania is key to unraveling the election-night mystery in this episode of The First.

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We Are At The Precipice

The [Central Bankers]/[Deep State] are now making their move. Time has run out. They are now putting all the chips on [Joe Biden]. The establishment did not get the war so they are using the pandemic to push their reset. The royal family has made the announcement that help is on the way and they believe the US is on board. The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media propaganda is now starting to dull. The patriots have trapped the [DS]. They have led them down this path for this specific reason. This was not about arresting a couple of people. It wasn’t about winning an election. It was about returning the power to the people. We the people have now reached the precipice and it’s time to take back the power. All the pieces are in place. Trump and Pompeo sent the message. The Constitution is the only way forward. More from the X22 Report.

Exposing the voter fraud cover-up. Plus, Fox News censors Potus. What will Big tech do next? More from JustInformed Talk.

Destroying the Illusion casts doubts on some of the recent theories about President Donald Trump using QFS and blockchain to catch the Deep State in an elaborate sting. The host, Jordan Sather, says he has no doubt that Trump is conducting some sting operations to dispatch, upend and control the most malicious elements of the Deep State. But he says he has not seen concerete evidence to back up the more elaborate claims by the QFS proponents, who have included Charlie Ward, Shiva Ayyadurai and Steve Pieczenik.

Signs are everywhere—the Trump army has landed and they’re about to invade. The Biden “Victory” is crumbling. More from Lori Colley at Rumble.

North Carolina is called for Trump. Affidavit from former Michigan Attorney General on voter fraud. Twitter deletes @SomeBitchIKnow for discovering the #MaidenGate voter fraud. Some promotions reveal proofs from our favorite anon and more from RedPill78.

Trump Declares: We Will Win

President Donald Trump is vowing “We will win” as he refuses to concede the 2020 Presidential election to Joe Biden. The mainstream media declared Biden the winner, but already, these television and newspaper outlets are having to backtrack. States that had been declared for Biden — including Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin — are being pulled as recounts get under way and instances of massive voter fraud are detected. And now some states, like North Carolina, are being added to President Trump’s column.

In owing to fight, President Trump has promised coming revelations that will shock the world. Here, Steve Turley discusses what might be at stake.

Totally normal. Move along, nothing to see here. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Giuliani: Trump Won Election

This election has been won by President Trump. That’s the terse assessment by Rudy Giuliani. But, he says, the dishonest Democrat Party machine is at wit’s end and still spewing their evil.

It’s a sinister plan they concocted at the beginning of the Trump Presidency–Russian collusion charges, impeachment, shady dealings with Ukraine, censorship and now, as we unfortunately are all privy to, mail-in ballot fraud. All this malarkey and nothing to show for it. Perhaps one of the most egregious acts came from Joe Biden himself– more than likely a Freudian slip–when he stared into the cameras two days before the election and proclaimed to the American electorate, “We’re going to win it without you.” Says Giuliani, “Yup, he’s going to win it with the network heads, the Big Tech heads and money he’s gotten from all kinds of places, including Communist China. We’re not going to let that happen.”

In this edition of “Common Sense,” Giuliani gives us a detailed review of what went awry in the major swing states and how the Trump Campaign is fixing the problem.

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