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Times Attacks NPC Meme

Apparently the NPC Meme has become such a serious threat to The SJW Narrative that none other than The NPC Times (aka “The New York Times”) has decided to take a swipe at it. Not surprisingly to non-NPC’s reading the article, the attempted hit piece only seems to confirm the accuracy of the meme it tries to discredit. NPC is as NPC does..

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And, the mainstream media boobs on MSNBC and CNN just can’t stop attacking President Donald Trump. When are they going to stop promoting their Liberal agenda and start actually reporting the news? Mark Dice discusses.

Why is the NPC meme so successful? Because the Left is reacting exactly as the meme creators intended and showing their true colors. This is a meme for common-sense people — not just for rightwingers! More from Geeks & Gamers.

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