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She Made It To The Fence

Kamala Harris reaches The Fence, and in an instant, she’s transformed to the White House. Former President Donald Trump is dancing. Anthony Fauci looks like Mini Me in a cage. Darth Vader even makes a cameo appearance. It’s a wonderful sight that will lift the almighty brains of so-many Democrats and leftists. More from The United Spot.


Do You See The Storm Ahead?

The [Deep State] is in trouble. The patriots have been investigating the leakers since 2017 and now the information was released to the public, the NYT spun the story using the keyword seize but this was by the book investigation following the rule of law. Coincidence that the information was released now? No. The storm is forming. The patriots are hitting the [Deep State] from all sides. This is the world’s largest sting operation. They are trapped and there is no way out. Panic is setting in over the audits, AG Garland will make sure the post-election audits did not violate any laws. Zero day is coming. More from the X22 Report.

Courage and teamwork are destroying the enemy. The momentum is shifting as many are now fighting back. Let’s take a look at the strong leaders challenging the Democratic Leftists. Some are known, like Michael Flynn. But many are everyday citizens, armed with the truth! Pray! More from And We Know.

It’s Not Going As Planned

According to some, the deep state/cabal planned the pandemic and released it earlier than they wanted to in order to keep Donald Trump from securing a second term. They crashed the economy and would have kept it closed forever, had President Trump not acted quickly to demand a vaccine for those who wanted one. Trump, who knew that having a vaccine was the only way to get the country open again, pushed it through under an emergency declaration. His quick action prevented the globalists from bankrupting the country, instituting the Great Reset, and turning the US into a Marxist camp. More from Lori Colley.

Freight train of truth is coming! The tidal wave of information is sinking the Deep State liars. Pray for more truth and for the liars to all be revealed as the scumbags they are. More from And We Know.

Why do the woke “anti-racist” leftists turn out to be the most openly racist haters? Let’s look at the swirl of racism surrounding Hunter Biden. More from JustInformed Talk.

Trump Friggin’ Terrifies Liberals

Face it. Liberals are still friggin’ terrified of Donald Trump. They can’t stop talking about him or attacking him or berating his supporters. “They must have nightmares,” says Styxhexenhammer666. When they can’t sleep, we should be reading them Joe Biden bedtime stories. Snooze!

Definitely Not A Cult

Time to put down the kool-aid. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

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Mid-Term Defeat Awaits Leftists

A new poll shows the Democrats are headed toward a bloodbath in the 2022 midterm election. Not surprising considering how quickly these leftists have made a shambles out of the country since they “defeated” President Donald Trump. As inflation skyrockets and joblessness expands, people are not inclined to put up with these turkeys any longer. More from Steve Turley.

Teacher Jawbones Parents

Let’s listen in as a teacher goes ballistic tearing down any parents who would question her teaching style or the “knowledge” she’s imparting. More from Mr. Reagan.

Teigen Slips Into Teen’s DM

Chrissy Teige swore off Twitter in an attempt to begin to reclaim her reputation. But, of course, that was a lie.

She’s already back on the platform, encouraging a teen to kill herself in a Twitter DMS. Teigen, you’re one deranged, beached whale Leftist! She ought to be promoting Whoopi Goldberg’s seances! More from The Salty Cracker.

Russian Court Slaps Google

A Russian court has ordered Google to restore a conservative YouTube channel. There’s been a surge of protective activity around the world as Big Tech gets slapped and smacked for its thuggish censorship and blatant attempts to control and throttle the free flow of information.

Nice to see Russian courts doing what the crooked American courts should have done a long time ago — namely, preserving some semblance of freedom! More from Steve Turley.


Blues States Losing Power

The 2020 Census is showing a solid national trend. Across the board, residents are fleeing and escaping from the overtaxed and over-regulated blue states. Meanwhile, red states led by Florida and Texas are picking up newcomers and gaining more political clout. You’d think the Leftists would learn and adjust their ways, but they never do! Steve Turley analyzes what’s afoot.

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