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The Taliban Meme War

The Taliban are enjoying the opportunity to troll Joe Biden and the West. Are we circling the drain? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Fixing Left Wing Memes

I, a good Samaritan, review and attempt to improve left wing memes in order to better all of society. I suffer. Join me? More from FreedomToons.

The Meme Is In The Heart

Don’t let your memes be dreams. A Deee-Liteful revelry from William of Ockham.


Truth Too Shocking To Know

In this video, we break down a judge’s ruling that details in the Ghislaine Maxwell case are too impure to be released to the general public. We also cover the latest developments from the Biden Administration and the many people getting arrested while justice isn’t being served for the real criminals. More from We Are Change.

The Meme That Crashes Twitter

Why the #Superstraight meme has crashed Twitter and also sent the Internet tumbling down. What began as a simple TikTok meme took on a larger-than-life persona after the Liberals took offense, as they always do, and proceeded to attack. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Rage Inducing Super Straight HILARIOUSLY Outs Woke Hypocrites & Causes SJW Rage! Twitter Meltdown! More from The Quartering.

Titty Pussy To The Rescue

Time for Pepe the Frog to leap aside and make way for Titty Pussy. A mad lad infiltrated a college Zoom meeting and dropped the TP meme. What a moab! More from The Salty Cracker.

Wood Sitting On A Bed

The FBI gets TROLLED after an FBI agent accidentally posts a VIRAL MEME in a Criminal Complaint against a MAGA protestor who stormed the Capitol Building on January 6th. The lewd meme is known as ‘Wood Sitting on a Bed.’ which features a former adult video star named Barry Wood. More from Mr. Obvious.

Arrested For A Meme

As if we haven’t had enough chaos on social media, news is surfacing that an “influencer” on Twitter has been arrested for a meme he created in the U.S. So are these charges bogus under the protection of the 1st Amendment or did he cross the line?

Douglas Massey, aka Douglas Mackey and Ricky Vaughn, has officially been arrested for memes he prepared in the context of the 2016 Presidential election on the basis that they interfered with the election process. Twitter subsequently suspended Mackey’s account, which had 58,000 followers, in addition to two more that he attempted create under different aliases. The complaint and affidavit in support of an arrest warrant only took issue with the memes where Massey was telling people to vote by text on social media on unlawful and invalid manners that would disenfranchise people of the right to vote if they would have voted that way.

Says Viva Frei’s David Freiheit, “The case really does highlight the distinction between free speech and protected speech. I’m an unapologetic believer in freedom of speech, but I do draw the line at certain types of speech, such as targeted harassment, death threats, doxing, etc.” Here’s more from Freitheit as he analyzes the complaint, with some help from colleague Nate the Lawyer.

Trump Meme Triggers Wankers

Lefty wankers are triggered because President Donald Trump used a childish meme to pull their chain. They’re just pissed because President Barack Obama never used any memes. He was too busy selling out America! More from Meme the Left.

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If You Smile, You Lose

Zeducation plays what’s always a fun and funny game: Memes certified to make you laugh. That’s right, even if you smile, you lose.

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