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Martha, Queen And Lies

The Leftists are losing control of the agenda. More people are openly aware and discussing the parade of lies we see happening all around us. Everyone now knows the media is complicit. That’s because the Deep State no longer dominate the headlines or prevent the emergence of the truth. More from And We Know.

Have Sex With Transwomen

It’s like we’re in a time machine traveling back to 1932. We have a disabled president and we’re facing another Great Depression. Says FreedomToons, “I react to left wing TikToks and- oh… oh my goodness. no… no.

They Are Very Afraid

Meme the Left explores why so many Democrats warn of civil war if you don’t votre for them this fall.

Dark Brandon

It’s often said that the Left can’t meme. Need proof? Just look at the laser-eyed Dark Brandon memes that Leftists are creating to try to make Joe Biden look as if he has some actual strength. That hen isn’t just a bumbling nincompoop who can’t even ride a bike without falling over on his face. More from Mr. Reagan.

Narradigm Investigations

Those who don’t learn history are destined to repeat it. But what if your history has been stolen from you?

Clif High addresses that quandary in a new series he’s calling “Narradigm Investigations.” “Narradigm” is a word he coined as a shorthand for “narrative paradigm.” Here, he begins to explain the concept and starts out by examining one particular historical fraud — the potential for World War III — perpetrated by the Khazarian Mafia. Others examples will follow in future episodes of the series.

“Star Witness” Comes Forward!

A new “star witness” comes forward at the January 6th Committee. How much more propaganda will this committee spew? More from Mark Dice.

The January 6th Select Committee met again to discuss the Insurrection of America. Today, we review witness testimony from the Proud Boys, Ivanka Trump’s Chief of Staff and the committee members themselves, as usual. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

Ultra MAGA Is The New CHUD

Ultra MAGA is the new CHUD as the Left loses another memetic battle. Face it, Leftoids can’t meme. Their top-down totalitarian systems leave them all under involuntary servitude. They are dull, witless and unfunny boobs, enemies of a resourceful people. Meme War II is well underway. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: CHUD, more precisely C.H.U.D., was a 1984 comedy horror flick starring Daniel Stern. C.H.U.D. stood for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers.)


Hollywood Under White Hats?

Is Hollywood under White Hat control? Tarot by Janine believes that’s the case, and now McAllister TV suggests it’s likely as well. We are already starting to see celeb vax reactions! What’s the story behind Justin Bieber’s facial distortions? What about Mick Jagger canceling a Rolling Stones concert in Amsterdam, citing a bout with Covid?

Otherwise, in this episode, McAllister TV touches upon the code word “Hillbilly?” The AI threat has been with us for decades! Jonathan Winters on the Last Day on Earth! Deplorable Deb (from St. Petersburg, Florida) reports from the Basket of Deplorables! Also we get new updates from Bluewater and a shapeshifting reptiles from Pfizer!

Return Of The Kang

Hey, REDDIT losers, bow before your MAGA King! Joe Biden tried to attack the MAGA movement by saying President Donald Trump had appropriated the meme “MAGA King.” Yes, that Joe Bioden! The lowly weasel selling out America every hour and every day! More from The Salty Cracker.

Ministry Of Truth Imploding

Just how dumb was President Joe Biden in announcing a new Ministry of Truth? Looks like his big censorship scheme is already imploding. The push toward censorship is un-American. And the individual Biden put in charge of the office, Nina Jankowicz, is not only a dingbat, but also a shameful liar. More from Steve Turley.

The Ministry of Truth kicked their efforts into gear over the weekend to establish the next great election theft. Along the way, the New York Times attacked Tucker Carlson, fear mongering surrounded Bill Gates and questions even arose about Hitler being Jewish. More from RedPill78.

The Biden regime was well prepared for Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter. On Thursday they announced that a new Disinformation Governance Board will be operating out of the Department of Homeland Security. It will target disinformation surrounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and on the messaging smuggling groups are peddling to would-be illegal immigrants.

The leader selected to direct this new propaganda arm is self-proclaimed “disinformation expert” Nina Jankowicz. You can bet that while she says she’ll protect the truth, she is going to do the exact opposite. More from Lori Colley.

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