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Massive Voter Fraud

We have been hoodwinked, the voter fraud is massive. THEY DID NOT WIN. They cheated.

Hacks, databases, selling names and info to use to illegally vote?  More from X22 Report.

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Dave Janda also touches on the voter fraud. He says a significant number of machines were removed during the election because they were found to have been pre-programmed to boost vote totals for Democrats and other “globalist” candidates. Those machines have now been safely sequestered, presumably in preparation for charges to be brought against those found guilty of attempting to rig the election.

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Rampant Election Fraud? Strange Happenings in Arizona and Florida. Democrat Kyrsten Sinema Pulls Ahead of Martha McSally Rick Scott vs Bill Nelson Heading for Recount. More from Vincent James at The Red Elephants.


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