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Republic Hangs In The Balance

245 years of history and the Republic hangs in the balance as Patriots attempt to counter the coup. It all comes down to this. Dr. Dave Janda joins SGTReport to discuss the treacherous coup and the Patriots who are rising to squash it.

How Democrats Stole Election

This early edition of Insider Insight was made public due to the significance of the information contained in this interview and subscriber request. In this must-listen edition of Insider Insight, Dr. Dave Janda talks with Patrick Byrne about the mechanics of the 2020 election. More from Dave Janda on Operation Freedom.

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The technique used by the Democrats was called “the Drop and Roll.” How did it work? Here’s a quick explanation from The Gateway Pundit.

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Juan O’Savin and VGuerrilla share a conversation called The Kraken & Panic In The D.C. The focus: The massive fraud that the Democrats tried to pull off, and how will it be revealed? There’s discussion about the length of time it will take to expose all of the intricacies of this election crime. Also, how many foreign players tried to work with the Democrats to sandbag America? The long and short of it: We have a major fight on our hands, but Americans are making it clear: We will not be silent! We will not be tread upon! We will not go down without fighting the cheaters and every last one of their allies if that’s what it takes to preserve our country, our freedoms, our heritage and our way of life.

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Articia Bomer served as a poll watcher for the Republican Party in Detroit, Michigan. She gives testimony of the fraud she witnessed first-hand. She says Democrats counted spoiled ballots for Joe Biden and tampered with the voting machines at the Cobo Center, now known officially at the TCF Center, the downtown convention center in Detroit, Michigan.

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Republicans are starting to wise up. At least the Republican voters who supported President Donald Trump are now angry and seeking justice. Lo to the Republican candidates who are neglecting or undermining the will of these voters. Vincent James of The Red Elephants says these Republican office holders are terrified, as they realize the walls could come crashing down all around them.

The Deep State Took Aim

The Deep State took their shot and missed! Here, we presents both videos in the Two-Part series from Dave Janda with Operation Freedom.

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General Flynn: Game Ender

Dave Janda talks about how the [DS] is panicking over Gen Flynn. They need to keep Flynn from talking to the public. He knows where the bodies are buried and he will reveal everything. If Judge Sullivan does not dismiss, Janda believes the missing 302 will appear and Flynn will go free.

The debates are not about debating the issues. Trump is using the debates to rattle and destroy Joe Biden, separate him from his far left base and bring out the corruption into the open. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.


Roberts Departing Top Court?

Will John Roberts be the next Supreme Court Scotus to exit? If you read the Q posts, a recent one seems to suggest Roberts will retire soon. The post shows a TV account of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death reported by John Roberts from Fox News. Some Q followers believe John Roberts, the Scotus, is under fire after having traveled to Epstein’s Island in the Caribbean on board the Pedo Plane. More from The Patriot Hour.

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Never bring an arrow in a quiver to a LOSBR missile fight. We are over the target now. Be prepared. Stay alert. More from And We Know.

Dr. Dave Janda joins the SGTReport to discuss the myriad reasons why the mainstream mockingbird whores are in such a tizzy and panic over Q. The media mercenaries claim the Q posts are “Insane and incoherent”. This friends, is INFORMATION WARFARE, and nothing less.

Is the final judgment coming soon? When will justice be administered to the most vocal members of the Swamp — James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan and, the kingpin, Barack Obama? More from JustInformed Talk.

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The People Can See Clearly Now

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media narrative is falling apart. They are now caught in their own lies and people are waking up. People are watching everything and they are logically thinking. The plan is failing rapidly. What the people are witnessing is the 16-year-plan. It is now being presented to the American people and they see how the [DS] wants to destroy the country. The people are rejecting this. More from the X22 Report.

Trump gets a 2nd Nobel nomination, multiple arsonists arrested in Pacific NW, while Ds provide safe harbor for Antifa to operate. Plus, #17 suggests it won’t be long until the coup plotters are in cuffs. More from Lori Colley.

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In this edition of Insider Insight, Dr. Dave Janda chats with investigative journalist Mary Fanning about illegal surveillance systems. They discuss “The Hammer” [HAMR], in addition to other methods of agency spying.

The Magnificent Seven

No, we’re not talking about a group of Hollywood superheroes. Today’s topic: The magnificent seven pieces of information the Deep State wants to hide. This is a two-part series from Dr. Dave Janda at Operation Freedom. We present both videos.

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Flailing Deep State Puppets

In this segment from the August 16 2020 edition of the Operation Freedom Radio Show, Dr. Dave Janda dissects illegal surveillance, the HAMR, and much more. He discusses Millie Weaver and her film Shadow Gate, offering a fine historical perspective on this Deep State surveillance.

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Alex Jones on InfoWars says Millie Weaver has been released from jail. There are not many specifics yet.

The arrest charges apparently stemmed from a cell phone argument that Weaver had months ago with her own mother. These are flimsy charges, too flimsy to stop the release and distribution of her film Shadow Gate, but enough to cause problems for Weaver and her husband Gavin Wince.

The film has now disappeared off YouTube, but you can find it on Call Me Stormy using our search function. We are linking to the InfoWars copy.

Here, Tim Pool explains more about the arrest of Milli Weaver. Charges stem from an alleged threat to inflict physical harm against her mother Felicia McCarran. Besides Weaver, her husband Gavin Wince was also arrested, as well as her younger brother Charles Weaver. Pool says the arrests and charges cited “seem kinda absurd.”

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Deep State On The Rocks

In this edition of the Operation Freedom Freedom Briefing, Dr. Dave dissects recent developments involving General Flynn as well a few “”deep state narratives.” This is a two-part video and we present both installments.

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Storm is Going To Hit Hard

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media time is coming to an end. The Supreme Court ruled that the DA in New York can get Trump’s taxes. The door has now been open. The trap has been set. AG Barr has now launched Operation Legend. Trump sends a signal that those who spied on him, it’s almost time. Durham will be wrapping up the investigation. There will be no report. These will be arrests. The storm is coming and it’s going to hit hard. More from the X22 Report.

Expect Durham charges this summer! Barack Obama “clearly” involved, says former Attorney General. New docs have just been declassified. More from Black Conservative Patriot.

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Have faith in humanity. The Patriots are in control. It’s just not easy saving a nation the was already lost. Dr. Dave Janda returns to SGT Report for an in-depth conversation.

Federal executions are scheduled to resume next week. The [Deep State] is in a state of panic. How long before some of these criminals face justice for their illegal acts? More from The Patriot Hour.

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