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Corsi in the Crosshairs

William Binney is a U.S. Army veteran and was the Lead Technical Director at NSA where he spent more than 30 years. When Binney discovered the Agency was collecting digital information and building virtual dossiers on EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN, he left to expose the unconstitutional systemic corruption. Today, he is one of the most respected members of the whistleblower community.

In this explosive interview with Jason Goodman, William Binney lays out first hand testimony of the corrupt tactics of not only Robert Mueller himself, but the FBI, NSA, CIA, DOJ and their confederates, including elements of private industry.

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Jerome Corsi appeared on the Tucker Carlson Show on Fox News and discussed his interactions with the Mueller Probe. If what Corsi is accurately describing what occurred, Mueller’s group needs to disband. They have find little to nothing, and now seem to be trying to fabricate news to cover up their lack of any real findings after nearly two years of investigating.

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