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They Won’t Leave Flynn Alone!

The Deep State is obsessed with Michael Flynn and will not leave him alone. First it was the Mueller investigation, followed by the years of the Flynn judicial saga. Now the Army is reviewing its investigation to determine if there were violations of the emolument’s clause.

Viva Frei’s David Freiheit reports that the investigation involves Flynn’s acceptance of money from Russian and Turkish interests before joining the Trump Administration. The probe was initiated by the Inspector General in 2017 but put on hold for three years in light of the Judicial Department’s investigation. Tune in, as Freiheit digs deeper into the specifics.

Ben Shapiro Savages Whoopi

Whoopi Goldberg’s post-election diatribe was nothing more than the same old divisive rhetoric that Democrats have been spewing since Donald J. Trump assumed the presidency in 2017. Nothing but blatant lies.

Her most egregious proclamation was that since Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 election, Republicans had to “suck it up” just like Democrats did after Trump won. Excuse me? Guess Whoopi forgot about the numerous anti-Trump protests, the Democrat Party’s obsession with Russia, Russia, Russia, the impeachment trial, the Mueller probe and on and on.

“In what way did Democrats suck it up when Trump won,” says political commentator Ben Shapiro. “We have four long years of you whining that Trump wasn’t the actual President of the United States–not hashtag not my President, the women’s march and, in the aftermath Trump winning, we got huge Black Lives Matter protests throughout the summer and the idea that President Trump was the fountainhead of systemic racism. At what point did Democrats come to terms that President Trump had won? They never came to terms.”

Watch Shapiro continue his dump on Goldberg in this episode of The Tatum Report.

The Chosen One

Rep. Omar is back in the news and the FEC is now probing into her campaign. Court documents show that impeachment began before the Mueller report was released. Looks like they were expecting something different. The first wave is about to hit. This is the opening act, to educate the people. As the drips continue, the drips will get worse. The US and Afghanistan are close to a peace deal. China releases the first AI chip, called the chosen one. Where did we hear that before? More from the X22 Report.

UAW President raided by Feds, McCabe is in major trouble, Impeachment has been ongoing for some time now and Minnesota Rep. alleged to be a home wrecker. This and more from RedPill78.

McAllisterTV  surveys the latest headlines and offers her analysis. No, Democrats, we do not want any more poop on our sidewalks! Go spread your filth someplace else. Let’s face it. The Democrats are completely deranged and out of their minds. They have lost touch with reality.

Bob Kudla, the founder of Trade Genius, joins SGTReport to discuss the impending fall of big tech Orwellian censorship, the rise of Bitcoin, gold and silver, and the total implosion of the Democratic Party.

Terrible Truth On Mueller

Diana West joins Stefan Molyneux to unravel the dark roots of the Mueller Investigation – and why the Republicans refuse to address them!

What Mueller Reveals

Dr. Steve Turley says the Mueller hearings make clear: The Democrats know Trump will be re-elected in 2020. It’s the only reason for this colossal waste of time.

Here, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, blasts Mueller for dodging questions. Jordan says maybe a better course of action is to figure out how the false accusations started.

Face it. Mueller didn’t remember much or know much. Here are some of the best liberal meltdowns from his testimony. More from Zeducation.

Raniere Guilty On All Counts

That’s right folks, the infamous Keith Raniere is guilty of all charges, POTUS had a record breaking fundraising day and topped it off with the rally to end all rallies, Sara Sanders is looking at a possible 2022 run for Governor in 2022 in Arkansas, Josh Hawley takes aim at big tech, an infamous Clinton Global Initiative employee is MISSING and our boys at GITMO are dropping crumbs for the anons. God Bless America! More from RedPill78.

Serial Brain 2 returns with a riddle solved involving the United Kingdom. Here, we also learn about the machinations surrounding Theresa May’s resignation. A followup video will reveal the secret why POTUS tweeted out about “the Prince of Whales.”

The [DS] continues to push the Mueller narrative along with the Russian narrative. Crowdstrike does not have the report and the FBI/DOJ never reviewed the report. Trump through his tweets have been telling the story of what happened in regards to email, spying etc. Trump let the people know that they have everything. The [DS] is worried about what Trump is doing with the border and they are trying create a crisis to draw attention, it will not work. Peace negotiations are going well with the Taliban and Iran is getting ready to make a deal with the US. More from the X22 Report.

McAllister TV opens with a salute to the epic Trump re-election rally in Orlando. Trump’s spiritual advisor opened the rally with a prayer — to break up, in the name of Jesus, “a demonic network” that has been “united against Trump.”  We extend that call here at Stormy and ask every one of our readers to pray for the downfall of the Satanists. Otherwise, McAllister gets into the evidence of the CIA attempting to provoke war in Iran, and wonders aloud if Merkel might be suffering from kuru.

Former Sheriffs Richard Mack and Brad Rogers from the CSPOA join the SGTReport to discuss the simplest way to neuter tinpot dictator Mayors and Governors while restoring our Constitutional Republic.

Mueller Probe Will Backfire

In this episode of American Thought Leaders, we sit down with Hoover Institution and National Review Institute fellow, historian Dr. Victor Davis Hanson, who recently published the book The Case for Trump.

We discuss Dr. Hansen’s new book, and how his observations about the Mueller investigation and the related extraordinary efforts by various parties to remove the president from office have matured since the time of the book’s writing. We further explore President Trump’s unorthodox strategy to engage the American electorate.

We also discuss how President Trump’s approach to America can be seen as an attempt to solve a crisis of her spirit, and how both current events and historical precedent position the president for 2020. More from The Epoch Times.

Liz Wheeler on OAN offers her own pithy truths about the Mueller Report.

The Mueller Report is out, and AG Barr has spoken. The deep state witch hunt to topple President Trump has failed and now the REAL show can begin. Bob Kudla joins the SGTReport.

Cenk Uygur: Phony Leftist Liar

The Hard Bastard offers a detailed video that explores the many ways hardcore Leftist Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks doubled down on being wrong about the Mueller Probe. Uygur not only lied like a dog ahead of time, then danced around on a pin to cover his sorry ass after it became crystal clear he had been a liar and a blowhard. In other words, don’t believe a word this creep ever says.

Obama Meets with Merkel

So, Obama’s back on the world stage, meeting with Angela Merkel. The German leader is as ugly as ever. Details of the meeting weren’t disclosed, but McAllisterTV has some fun speculating about it.

Wikileaks says Assange is leaving the embassy. This is fake news. Trump is playing up the Mueller report. He can see it if he wants. The [DS] are going after Trump’s tax returns. This is a trap for the [DS]. Nunes is sending eight criminal referrals. Ukraine prosecutors say we have the evidence. The US should look at this. The people are taking control of Libya. The MSM and [DS] are pushing censorship and lying about it. More from the X22 Report.

With President Donald Trump talking about shutting down the border, the secretary of Homeland Security has resigned. An “acting” replacement has been announced and might remain “acting” so he is not subject to Congressional approval. More from In Pursuit of Truth.

Some Trumptards are angry because it is taking the administration so long to drain the Swamp. McAllisterTV offers some suggestions why the process is taking so long, and also outlines what might still lie ahead. Let’s hope so. We have waited a long time to see these criminals brought to justice. The wait will have been worth it if they are eventually arraigned. Too soon, yet, to give up hope!

The [DS] are now trying to change law in NY to get Trump’s tax returns. Rep Doug Collins rights a letter to Nadler. Paul Sperry tweet that Nadler gave misleading statements back in Feb 2018. Trump reorganizing DHS and the Secret Service. Cuomo finds out why the illegals are coming to the US, it’s not what he thought. Allison Mack pleads guilty. The first of 2019 was to show the US that the Mueller investigation was a witch hunt and Trump did not collude, the second half of 2019 will bring people to justice. More from X22 Report.

We close with a new video from Destroying the Illusion’s Jordan Sather. He covers the ouster of the Secret Service head and Homeland Security secretary and notes how his recent video attacking Big Pharma was removed by YouTube. This is par for the course, coming from the fascists at YouTube. Also in this episode: NXIVM bombshells and a look at Alex Jones. Has he endorsed Q?

Death by a Thousand Cuts

Now that the Mueller Probe is winding down and proving to have been a big nothing-burger, don’t look for the Democrats to stop harassing President Donald Trump. They are going to go after him with a vengeance, seeking to inflict death by a thousand cuts. Many, if not all, of their investigations will be total baloney, but that won’t stop them from pounding and battering Trump because the Democrats really have nothing else to do. They no longer represent most Americans. They can only stay in power or gain power by bringing in more illegal aliens. Dick Morris explains.

Now that all of Congress is wrapped up in investigations, isn’t it time we investigated the Trump investigators? Who, exactly, are these Democratic yokels? Are they yahoos? Wingnuts? Just garden-variety sleuths? Greg Gutfeld has more on Fox News.

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