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U.S. Behind Pipeline Bombings

We’ve already been speculating for a few days now, but Fox News host Tucker Carlson lays it out squarely: The United States, in all likelihood, orchestrated the Nord Stream pipeline bombings in the Baltic Sea that cut off Russian natural gas flowing into Europe.  Carlson says recent comments by U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken confirm the American role.

In other words, our Leftist leaders are pushing us into war. More from The Gateway Pundit with a clip from Fox News.

Tulsi Blasts Biden’s Policies

Former Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard says the continued careless policies of the Biden Administration and their NATO and European cronies could very well lead us to a nuclear holocaust.

Appearing on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, Gabbard says, “We are once again reminded that we are being led by leaders who are selfish and shortsighted and don’t care about the American people.” Here’s the explosive interview.

The Nord Stream Sabotage

Here, Styxhexenhammer666 performs a whodunit, trying to decipher who sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines bringing natural gas from Russia through the Baltic Sea to Scandinavia and Russia. While it’s possible that Russia did the deed itself, Styx says that option is unlikely. Russia could have just as easily turned off all of the gas and left the pipeline intact for its future business needs.

That leaves a host of other likely candidates, ranging from Russia’s wartime enemy Ukraine to the crazed war-mongers in the Joe Biden administration. Regardless of who is shown to be the culprit behind the dirty deed, it signifies a major escalation in the Russia-Ukraine War, quite possibly spurring World War III. A lot of Europeans will be left out in the cold this winter.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson calls the explosions that wrecked the Nord Stream pipelines “one of the great environmental catastrophes of our time.” He says all signs point to Joe Biden’s knuckleheads being behind the damage, presumably to ensure Europeans are forced to buy liquefied natural gas from the United States.

This is a reckless and dangerous move, but it would not surprise us in the least. Not only Biden, but other leftist lunatics among his crew, including Victoria Nuland, the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, have been threatening to destroy the pipelines for many months now. They need an escalating, wider war to try to distract from the endless inflation they have unleashed.


Robert Gouveia shows new footage of the massive pipeline breaches with natural gas bubbling up to the surface in the Baltic Sea. He also shares background on the political battles surrounding the pipelines and interesting clips from Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland, both promising to end the Nord Stream 2.

Carlson Haunts Celebrities

Poor Jennifer Lawrence, I hope she can overcome her fear of Tucker Carlson. More from FreedomToons.

FBI Scandal Keeps Growing

Yesterday we reported Steve Bannon saying some 35 Trump allies had been raided by the FBI in a broad search of classified documents. Now, it turns out that Bannon might have underestimated the total.

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon, who represents some of the individuals whose homes were raided, says as many as 50 Trump allies might be involved. We do not know all of their names yet, but a few names are beginning to leak out. One, for instance, is said to be Boris Epshteyn, the Russian-American Republican analyst who served as chief political commentator at the Sinclair Broadcasting Group until 2019.

Here, Dhillon unveils some of what’s known in an appearance Friday night on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program. Black Conservative Patriot gathered the clip and shares his thoughts. What’s shocking: The FBI pre-leaked news of the raids to a news reporter, apparently from the New York Times. The FBI, as we know by now, always plays, following a dirty book!

Here, Dick Morris,  appearing on Newsmax, says the documents being sought by the FBI incriminate the agency in shenanigans related to the bogus Russian collusion charges that Hillary Clinton used to push. In other words, these are not at all documents of vital national security to the United States, simply documents that prove exactly how politicized, dirty and corrupt the FBI has become. Morris also weighs in on a change in the fighting in Ukraine, tilting more in favor of Ukraine.

Feds Now Targeting The Amish

Tucker Carlson on Fox News has picked up on a story we introduced a month ago — how U.S. Department of Agriculture agents marshaled by the Biden administration have raided an Amish farm in Pennsylvania, and leveled hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines against the farmer on bogus charges. The farmer, Amos Miller, operates his Miller’s Organic Farm in Bird-in-Hand, an unincorporated community within Lancaster County, Pa.

He faces charges for failing to follow federal regulations on “endocrine disrupting chemicals.” Here, Carlson discusses the case with journalist Jeremy Loffredo from Rebel News.

We Have No Clue Who Biden Is

In a recent report, Tucker Carlson asked, “Who exactly is Joe Biden, the man who claims to be our president? We probably ought to find out. Put that on our to-do list.”

Carlson figuratively compares the president to the Biden of the 1980s, whom he says is gone and no longer exists. What remains, he says, is a hologram projection. Little does Carlson realize how truthful that statement is. Check out the following video from Exposing Corruption, featuring clips of a dazed, shape-shifting, holographic Biden. Please discern the material for yourself.

Saturday Night Fever

Kevin’s Korner analyzes the never-ending excrement spewing from the corrupt Democrat Party and its fellow Deep State cronies. Host Kevin Bowen takes a deep dive into the Bizzaro World of the extreme liberals, who are so far out of touch, they’ve embraced a false sense of reality. Here’s his report.

Tucker Refutes 9/11 Conspiracy

Free Speech Warrior has uncovered a rare video of a cool and unscripted Tucker Carlson, who refutes the conspiracy theory that 9/11 was an inside job. Carlson’s says there is no credible evidence to prove otherwise.

The impromptu interview was conducted by Adams Vs. The Man and was definitely post 2008, according to Free Speech Warrior. Here’s the interview.

Biden Is China’s Lapdog

It’s becoming ever so clear that Joe Biden is China’s lapdog from the West. Whatever helps the Chinese government, Biden has dutifully done. Likewise, whatever hurts America’ strategic interests he has also done.

So how did the Chinese government wind up with so much control of our president. Tucker Carlson says the key to answering this question lies in the Hunter Biden laptop story. Here’s his report on Fox News.

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