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Mysterious Accident in NYC?

What caused the night sky in New York City to turn a vivid blue? Con Edison has chalked it up to a transformer and transmission disturbance. Only thing — the same sort of disturbance has been seen elsewhere, not only across the United States but also in key overseas sites. Just Informed Talk addresses the mystery.

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The five main reasons that Deep State corporate mainstream media news are ordered to lie (under pain of ruination, discontinuation and extinction) about each and every aspect and example of UFO, ET and EBE verified contact and existence can be listed as follows:

1. The petrodollar economy and petrocracy would be destroyed via propulsion systems making such obsolete.

2. The Pavlovian obeisance and fetish of secrecy among MIC, tech and governments along with their tendency to always err on the side of secrecy mandate a vow of silence to the death.

3. MIC/tech/government coveting secrets of antigravitic propulsion systems that would revolutionize military lethality, locomotion, transportation and commercial travel;

4. Religion and original sin. As Father Gabriel Funes, the Vatican’s astronomer said in 2008, “[j]ust as there are multiple forms of life on earth, so there could exist intelligent beings in outer space created by God. And some aliens could even be free from original sin.”

5. The destruction of nationalism and petty geographic, secular and regional differences to be replaced with the sense of enjoying Earthling status.

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