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Wokeism To Destroy Civilization

In Monday’s Situation Update, Mike Adams gives us his take on the rolling power outages now hitting Texas. They’re caused by the extreme winter weather, of course, but aggravated by the growing move toward green energy. Adams explains how electric cars are placing enormous power demands on a grid that is already strained by the weather.

If coal and nuclear power get phased out, and oil energy also is hung out to dry by the foolhardy Democrats, we could see many days where folks face power outages. And they not only won’t be able to heat their homes, but also marooned in those same drafty and freezing homes — unable to drive to work. So much for wokeism and how it is rendering civilization decaying and defunct.

Here’s another sign of impending chaos and an inflation red alert: Max Porterfield, the CEO of Callinex Mines, Inc. joins the SGTReport to discuss the global run on tangible hard assets, the destruction of fiat currency and the reason why his company’s stock is up nearly 10X since the last time we spoke.

Democratic Party Wisdom

Tony Heller from explores the insane Democratic policies calling for an end to fossil fuels, allowing our oil and coal resources to go untapped and unharvested. Not only are they opposed to fracking but seemingly straightforward drilling for fossil fuels. Do they want a future that looks like Mad Max? Crazy Leftist party, run by imbeciles.

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Flynn Exonerated!

BOOM! We were told to watch the news and boy did it ever pay off! Today Gen. Flynn’s case was dropped by the Department of Justice and we dive in head-first to check out the order! We also talk about POTUS’s reaction as well as the reaction of those involved in this unjust case. The lead Prosecutor is withdrawing from other cases at the DOJ and I predict he won’t be with the DOJ long. We also look at the fake Venezuelan invasion. More from RedPill78.

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The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media and those elected Gov’s are showing their true colors. The people are waking up. They are realizing that the people they elected are trying to take away their rights. We are watching the Great Awakening. The Department of Justice dropped the case on Flynn. Van Grack withdraws from the case. The Mueller investigation never had evidence. It was all a lie. Pain is coming and the [DS] players are panicking. More from the X22 Report.

How far will Sen. Adam “Shifty” Schiff, D-Calif., go to continue to hide evidence of Democratic collusion and duplicity? Seems like Schiff is willing to go mighty far. In fact, he doesn’t really have a single honest muscle — or bone or even cellular membrane — within his lying body. Since June, he’s been sitting on the documents he already promised he would release.

Now, the Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell is calling upon Schiff to do as he’s said he do and release the transcripts of witnesses who appeared, in secret, before the House Intelligence Committee. If not, Grenell intends to release the transcripts.

This should get good. Be sure to have your popcorn ready. More from In Pursuit of Truth.

Marin Katusa joins the SGTReport to discuss the real and present danger to America’s energy independence: Supply chains in the hands of potentially hostile nations. In this interview we discuss nuclear energy, uranium, oil and gold.

What happens when the deception is exposed? Here, JustInformed Talk says a global deception was under foot before the election of President Donald Trump. And now all the players in that deception are busy trying to cover their tracks.  How does Joe Biden, for instance, factor into the web of deceit?

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We Are Ready! Mission Good!

“The top of the FBI was scum! What they did to Gen. (Mike) Flynn was a disgrace.” So says President Donald Trump, presumably poised to issue a pardon for the general, besmirched by the dirty and corrupt Mueller probe. When might the pardon be handed down? Trump did not say. But do not be surprised if it’s issued soon.

Meanwhile, in this edition, And We Know News quotes from President Trump, calling out former Secretary of State for violating the Logan Act in attempting to continue to negotiate with Iran, although Kerry no longer is in office. Also, Australian police busted a child sex ring that extended across five states, rescuing victims as young as two months old.

Michigan’s Leftist Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is depicted in a cap declaring, “Planned Parenthood Makes America Great.”

And speaking of Leftists, here we get another look at alleged CBS “journalist” Weijia Jiang and her arrogant effrontery at a Presidential coronavirus press conference. Where do the networks find these scuzzballs? Do they have to look under rocks?

Trump is now letting the event play out. He is ready to produce the cure but needs the people to see those who try to take away our rights. People are starting to realize who the tyrants really are. The tables are turned, Trump is ready to drop the hammer. He is calling those who spied on him. The documents are being declassified and the people are starting to realize that there were those who were trying to remove the President of the United States. More from the X22 Report.

The silent war is about to go live. That’s the assessment of TRUreporting, who says President Trump is about to sign an order authorizing the National Guard and US Marines to begin to arrest and remove traitors and federally indicted individuals. There are some 160,000 federal indictments awaiting adjudication. Mobility of US civilians will not be possible for a period of four days.

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POTUS opened up over the weekend about the character of those who tried to remove him. Oil falls below zero for the first time in history and the FBI exposed for their lies along with Adam Schiff for brains. Is a gold-backed currency coming? More from RedPill78.

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Look for a handful of indictments coming this week! That’s the word from journalist John Solomon. On the Democratic side, Nancy Pelosi continues to stay far away from Washington. The Democrats could care less what kind of havoc is wrecked by their coronavirus pandemic. They are not looking out for Americans, only for their agenda, including election “reforms” that might allow them to steal the vote in 2020. Also in this edition: New declass details coming, some pertaining to Seth Rich. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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Countdown To Treason

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media latest event has now failed. Trump is talking about opening up the country. States are working to open the economy, which is against the constitution. Trump now has the power. Think DPA, National Emergency, the emergency declaration signed by each state. The [DS] will stop at nothing. They are planning a social media blackout. The question once again when do you play the Trump card. More from the X22 Report.

State Department Cables reveal information concerning the origins of this situation, a mysterious example of Project Bluebeam and Hannity wears a Punisher pin post. Also, will former CIA Director John Brennan be the first major Obama Administration official arrested?  And so much more from RedPill78.

President Donald Trump has formed a committee looking into how best to reopen the economy and get Americans back to work with the coronavirus beginning to fade. As part of the plan, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Russia have already struck a deal to cut oil production by about 20 million barrels a day. This will help stabilize oil prices and result in a quick return to normal for the energy industry. Also, here’s a comparison of the coronavirus containment efforts in Sweden and the United States. More from Lori Colley.

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Deep researcher Ole Dammegard joins the SGTReport to discuss current events.

The Punisher icon is showing up on Sean Hannity’s chest. Could mean we’re about to see some justice. More from In Pursuit of Truth.

Lend Me Your Ear

Bill Gates, vases, and dogs all come into play in the latest In Pursuit of Truth. Gates because he is leaving the board of Microsoft to devote himself to charity causes, for instance, climate change and viral pandemics. Vases and flowers, especially the lily of the field, relate to the actor Orlando Bloom and his wife Katy Perry. They are now in Australia, but talk about romping around Europe. Finally, we have a detailed discussion of dogs, especially ones trained to aid in finding terrorists and digital bombs and such. Some of these dogs are named Rae, which just happens to be “ear” spelled backwards.

Supply chain and Logistics expert Russ B. reached out to the SGTReport to discuss the reality of this global supply chain crisis, the likes of which our modern just-in-time world has never seen.

And We Know News says the flow of information is vital. Turn to trusted Anons to glean what is happening as he world undergoes rapid-fire change. Here, AWK discusses the implications of the national emergency set by President Donald Trump. Also, Trump reveals he has purchased large quantities of strategic oil now that the price has dropped, owing to a price war involving Saudi Arabia and Russia.

They’re dropping like flies. Lori Colley reviews the latest industrialists and politicians on the line, including Bill Gates and Andrew Gillum. Also here, she examines what Q has posted about China and discusses national emergency plans outlined by President Donald Trump.

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Craig Mason says the coronavirus is more severe than the common flu, but not so much as to cause this current panic. Why are Americans freaking out? Could it reflect the worldwide nature of this pandemic? Perhaps because the mass media is going crazy and stirring up fears? More in this video entitled Something Is Happening…But What Is It?


These People Are Sick

Prepare yourself. In the days and weeks ahead, you are going to learn just how sick a lot of celebrities and politicians truly are.

President Trump declares 30 Day Travel Ban to Europe. Q has posted “Done in 30” several times. National Guard is called out. A Nationwide blitz of arrested call “Project Python” targets are called CJNG an assignation squad of the drug Cartel.

There are 150,00 sealed Indictments. Martial Law may be declared the Internet taken off line, several city lock downs, All for Mass Arrest????????

Members of Deep State, known sex traffickers, sex offenders, pedophiles, Start having “Corona Virus” Cover for “Arrested”, Or don’t arrest me I’m contagious???? Tom Hanks

Everything being canceled to get people off the streets? President Trump retweeted Trump’s next (“violin” act) piece will be “Nothing can stop what’s coming” More from In Pursuit of Truth.

The [Deep State]/Democrats have pushed their event to the extreme. The patriots knew the playbook. They are using this to their advantage. The storm is upon us, but this is no ordinary storm. The stage had to be set. The noise had to be quieted; The peoples’ attention had to be on Trump. The time has come. The operation is now a go, green castle online. Patriots ready. More from the X22 Report.

Nothing can stop what is coming. And We Know surveys the latest news from Q, including shoutouts to patriots in India, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Austria, Germany and South Korea. There’s an interesting discussion of the Corona Virus, numerically represented as 3 for C and 22 for Virus. Put the 322 together and you have the number for the Skull and Bones cabal, the Yale club that has claimed many presidents as members. Also covered: The sentencing of Harvey Weinstein and the arrest of more than 600 drug traffickers belonging to the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generation, or CJNG.

Says RedPill78, “Last month Bob Kudla and I discussed the effect of the global pandemic on the supply chain. Looks like we called it. Now it’s spreading to other areas like the market and oil and soon a response from the Fed.”

President Trump shuts down travel. The coronavirus is taking its toll in locations across the nation. Are we prepared for what’s about to happen? More from JustInformed Talk.

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The Lindsey Riddle

Serial Brain 2 presents “Iran, Bolton and the Lindsey Riddle.” This is part 1. At least one other video will follow. Here, we begin to see the corruption that accompanied Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s nuclear deals with Iran. Much of the agitation we’ve seen from Iran isn’t coming from the proper military and political leadership of the country, but instead is blowback from rogue forces, aimed at hiding this corruption. What are they hiding? CIA shenanigans under Operation Merlin, illegal sale of oil, transfer of technology and child trafficking, through the Red Cross.

She’s evil and on the loose! H.P. Lovecraft!!! All of them witches! More from McAllister TV.

Destroying the Illusion says the Ukraine whistleblower story is another fake news extravaganza, same as the lame, legacy media has made into its specialty these days. Otherwise, this video delves into the Flynn case, Jeffrey Epstein, vaccines and the New York Times pushing UFOs.

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Is Data Really the New Oil?

So, is data really the new oil? Are polar bears invading Russia due to climate change? Where’s the membership list of Chatham House? These and other viewer questions are answered in this edition of Questions for Corbett, featuring James Corbett on The Corbett Report.

The Message from Venezuela

Ex-residents of Venezuela send a message to the dumb American Leftists embracing socialism: Wake up, idiots! More from Cabot Phillips, reporter with CampusReform.

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Styxhexenhammer666 responds to the CampusReform video and the warning from Venezuelans against socialism. Styx declares, “I say we listen to them.” As for Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Styx labels them as traitors. We concur. The entire Socialist-leaning wing of the Democratic Party can all go to Hell, where they belong.

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Brother Nathanael, though, says Trump is pushing a counter-coup in Venezuela. Perhaps the poor and middle-class residents will benefit, but the  American goal is to grab the Venezuelan oil resources and open opportunities for Exxon, Citgo and the giant oil companies.


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