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Agenda Behind the Shutdown

The X22 Report says the agenda behind the shutdown is not what you think. Trump promised to drain the swamp. This is the economic swamp that is a burden on the American taxpayers. Government is too big, too bloated, and many who are in government are part of the [DS] apparatus that’s been building for years.

McAllisterTV also says the Trump team has gathered far more intelligence than you might think — intelligence needed to properly drain the swamp. Here, she revisits the Hawaii Email Trap, the great show of fire and fury that allowed the NSA to snack the lost 33,000 Hillary Clinton emails. How long before the contents are revealed?

And, here is another X22 Report, updating the latest geopolitical news. William Barr is being questioned in his confirmation hearing. Graham is asking him some important questions. Judicial Watch is moving forward with their investigation into Clinton and Benghazi. The [DeepState] does not like it when Trump goes against their agenda. This is when they push for impeachment, indictment, you name it they push it.

Pelosi pushes back and says the State Of The Union should be canceled because of safety concerns. The Department of Homeland Security counters this argument. The [DS] push their agenda in Syria. They are showing that the Islamic State is still powerful and the US must stay in Syria. This plan will not work. Q said in a past post the Swamp is everywhere and the House needs to be cleaned. [Ruth Bader Ginsburg] cancels an engagement at the end of January. Is she dead or alive?

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