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Pandemic A Grave Injustice

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a medical specialist in pathology based in Alberta, Canada, is fed up with the nonsense surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, calling it the most grave injustice our society has ever experienced. He decries the useless shutdowns of the economy, incompetent politicians playing doctors, the censorship of real doctors and the nonsense of wearing facemasks long-term, which he says are making matters worse.

Dr. Hodkinson makes it clear that he’s not an anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theorist or great-resetter. “I’ve spent my entire career in evidence-based medicine,” he says. His prognosis: people are not properly informed that the coronavirus vaccine is still in the experimental stage, it has not been approved yet and there are high risks of very adverse reactions. He also condemns unreliable PCR tests, falsification of death certificates, not promoting vitamin D and the unacceptable loss of personal freedom. Here’s more, courtesy of RenaudBe.

Trump: “I Did Not Concede”

A defiant President Donald Trump says do not count him out. “I did not concede,” says the former president, who still harbors hopes of returning to the White House after proving the Democrats used subterfuge and corruption to steal the 2020 Presidential election. In his latest Destroying the Illusion video, Jordan Sather discusses the president’s odds. In addition, he talks about Tucker Carlson demolishing the FBI and a new UFO report coming out soon, as well as new vaccine updates.

And We know also reflects on President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede, noting that as many as 20 states are now in the process of doing more full-scale recounts to double-check the results from the scandal-laden 2020 election. Everyone knows the Democrats cheated. The question remains: Did they just steal a state or two, or did they fabricate millions of votes affecting the outcomes in scores of states? Also, why is Washington DC suddenly a ghost town? Have multiple agencies been shut down?

Election Fraud In Michigan

We open today discussing the new evidence for methods of election fraud in Antrim County Michigan. We then move on to some red pills getting dropped by the media and India and end with the sad state of Bill Gates and the reasons for his failed marriage. More from RedPill78.

Are globalists planning to launch a massive cyberattack to shut down the worldwide Internet? How might the coronavirus and pandemic figure into this attack? More from JustInformed Talk.

Biden Targets Domestic Travel

The Biden Administration continues its destruction and division of our nation, now taking aim on restricting domestic travel and mandating diagnostic tests, with a special focus on the state of Florida. The proposal appears to be a political attack on Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has opened up schools, businesses, put people back to work and eased other restrictions in Florida, basically exposing the ineffectiveness of shutdowns.

Martin Brodel gives his take on the growing brouhaha and also brings us updates on the Biden Crime Family, Republicans seeking a third party, the Ashli Babbitt case and House managers charged with presenting fake evidence at the Trump impeachment trial.

Slow Boil Of Our Civil Rights

Amazingly, we are approaching one year since the invasion of the cruel COVID-19 pandemic. And through those 12 months, we have suffered through shutdowns, stay-at-home restrictions, mask mandates and collapsed economies, not to mention the incursion on our civil rights.

But after courageously sacrificing a few weeks here and more days there for the common good, have matters gotten any better? The answer is a resounding NO. Viva Frei host David Freiheit puts it all in perspective: “Nearly a year later, we have basically been stripped and deprived of a lot of our basic chartered, guaranteed rights. The right to peaceable assembly, the right to freedom of association, freedom of enjoyment of our own property. And the more it goes on, the more the violations.”

What it all amounts to is a slow boil of our civil rights. When will it all end? Here’s more of Freiheit’s pertinent message.

COVID-19 Realities And Myths

Democrat governors are at it again, imposing ridiculous restrictions and re-shutting their economies. Are these actions motivated by facts or politics?  Are these moves viable safeguards, or are they all for naught? California board-certified physician Dr. Jeffrey Barke sets the record straight. “There’s plenty of healthcare capacity now, we know a lot more about the virus–who gets it, how to treat it, who’s at risk–so there’s no reason to shut down the economy.” Barke adds that the path forward should focus on protecting our most vulnerable, isolating or quarantining those who are sick, but the young and the healthy should be free to go about their business. In the following appearance on PragerU with host Will Witt, Barke also opines on whether schools should open in the fall, the efficacy of face masks, the truth about hydroxychloroquine and the myths and realities of COVID-19.

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While You Weren’t Looking

How did prominent billionaires including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos make billions since the start of the coronavirus shutdown? This video documents the earnings of prominent billionaires since March, the departure of major CEOs over the last year, and asks questions about the future. More from Really Graceful.


Best Stimulus: Get Back to Work

The status of a new stimulus package for Americans is in limbo after Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that Congress will not reconvene next week as previously planned. That doesn’t sit well with U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who says grocers are stocking their shelves, farmers are planting crops, states are reopening, so why won’t Congress?

Meanwhile, the debate continues over a Phase 4 stimulus package on both sides of the aisle. Jordan has a better solution. “The best Phase 4 is to go back to work,” Jordan says. “We already spent $3 trillion and that was necessary, because when state governments, local governments tell business owners you can’t engage in your livelihood and run your business, you have to to deal with that. You have to help families and you have to help small business owners.” Here’s more with Jordan on Fox News.

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Women Fare Better On Virus

A doctor explains why women are outperforming men against the coronavirus. It’s a scientific explanation that Mr. Obvious cites and reflects upon.

The mass media says hospitals are overwhelmed. The reality is far different. Of course, we’ve all heard the media lie many times before. More from Lisa Haven.

Deep State Doctor. That’s the title of the latest video from Lions Republic Entertainment, calling for close monitoring of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health.

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In this informative video, Patriot Nurse discusses the impact of the shutdowns and lockdowns on the mental health of our neighbors. From Depression, domestic abuse, and the stress response to a sudden deprivation of normalcy and touch deficit.

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Agenda Behind the Shutdown

The X22 Report says the agenda behind the shutdown is not what you think. Trump promised to drain the swamp. This is the economic swamp that is a burden on the American taxpayers. Government is too big, too bloated, and many who are in government are part of the [DS] apparatus that’s been building for years.

McAllisterTV also says the Trump team has gathered far more intelligence than you might think — intelligence needed to properly drain the swamp. Here, she revisits the Hawaii Email Trap, the great show of fire and fury that allowed the NSA to snack the lost 33,000 Hillary Clinton emails. How long before the contents are revealed?

And, here is another X22 Report, updating the latest geopolitical news. William Barr is being questioned in his confirmation hearing. Graham is asking him some important questions. Judicial Watch is moving forward with their investigation into Clinton and Benghazi. The [DeepState] does not like it when Trump goes against their agenda. This is when they push for impeachment, indictment, you name it they push it.

Pelosi pushes back and says the State Of The Union should be canceled because of safety concerns. The Department of Homeland Security counters this argument. The [DS] push their agenda in Syria. They are showing that the Islamic State is still powerful and the US must stay in Syria. This plan will not work. Q said in a past post the Swamp is everywhere and the House needs to be cleaned. [Ruth Bader Ginsburg] cancels an engagement at the end of January. Is she dead or alive?

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