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Sick Minds at Disney

It was Disney’s Jack Morrissey, one of the producers on Beauty and the Beast, who called for killing the teens from Covington Catholic High School. He ran a Tweet showing the discharge after they had been crammed into a woodchipper, the blood spewing all over. Of course, Morrissey quickly apologized and deleted the offensive image, as shocked and horrified members of the public began to attack him and his employee.

You have to wonder: How can parents justify taking their kids to watch Disney movies or enjoy Disney theme parks, when the company hires flaming, sick assholes like Morrissey?

You think we’re exaggerating? Isn’t Disney the same company that hired the Troma troglodyte James Gunn to direct Guardians of the Galaxy? Gunn was fired because some of his old social media posts surfaced, expressing glee and positive delight in pedophilia and rape.

Just how many other pedophiles, perverts and, yes, even pedovores work for Disney? (You ask: What’s a pedovore? That’s someone who doesn’t just rape children, but practices cannibalism and eats them.)

Disney can argue we have mischaracterized the company based on the presence of a few rotten eggs. We disagree. We think there are plenty more rotten eggs working at Disney — just waiting to be exposed. It’s a company that has fostered and cultivated this slime.

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