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Everything Is Accelerating

Cataloging the madness…I mean *cough* the progress. More from Really Graceful.

Now An Audit Fight In Michigan

Regional disaster declared in the southeastern United States after.a ransomware attack on a major pipeline and gasoline distributor, Big news coming out of Antrim County, Michigan, where an election audit fight looms. Even more tales of Dominion control of Maricopa County and a recently revealed trove of documents from inside Disney that reveals their woke agenda. More from RedPill78.


The Muppets Deemed Raaacist!

The Walt Disney Corporation is now charging the Muppets with ra-a-a-cism. But this comes as Coca Cola Company is attacking whites! Even The Simpsons are getting into this sordid Leftist act. When will it end? More from Mark Dice.


Muppets Bad, Porn Good

In an astonishing move, Disney is forcing viewers to agree to a legal disclaimer before allowing them to watch any episode of the iconic Muppet Show, citing the program as being ‘harmful’ and ‘offensive’ due to racial insensitivity. Yet, Disney has no issues putting pornographic images and subliminal messages in their movies and television shows, as well as sexualizing and abusing their own young talent.

Tonight, we examine the sordid history of Walt Disney and present evidence that their stars have been sexually abused. Plus…Ronnie McMullen discusses COVID-19, vaccines, the economy and chemtrails. And…we’ll tell you where you can legally obtain hydroxychloroquine without leaving your home. Leave the world you think you know behind and join David Zublick at the Dark Outpost!


The Pedo World Of Disney

The wildly popular Walt Disney Corporation’s flagship anthology television series experienced many versions, beginning in the early 1950s, including  such titles as “The Wonderful World of Disney” and “The Magical World of Disney.” But there was nothing magical nor wonderful about Disney. Little did we suspect that under the cover of the glitz and glamor, it was really “Disney’s horrific world of pedophilia.”

Investigative blogger Riss Flex says that when peeling back the layers of the anthology series, which catered mostly to children’s programming, Disney was and is no more than a satanic, child-sex cult that runs the Western countries of the world. In the recent past, dozens of child stars have broken their silence, exposing publicly they had been raped and molested during their time working with Disney. The list of stars is mind-boggling, among them Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, Jordan Pruitt, Ricky Garcia and Bella Thorne. And the general consensus was that Disney knew of the abuse and did absolutely nothing.

Perhaps a major enabler for Disney’s social transgressions were the media, but it’s important to point out who was calling the shots. It was Disney, of course, who actually owns of number of the media corporations. Case in point: Disney killed a story by ABC (which Disney owns) reporter Amy Robach in 2015, exposing the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Robach says the story was comprehensive, including an interview with victim Virginia Roberts and details implicating famed defense attorney Alan Dershowitz. And there are many other examples.

Tune in as Flex digs deeper into Disney’s wayward journey and its shocking association with the CIA.

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Book ‘Em

Q has a couple of brand new posts, taking a look at the corruption involving former President Barack Obama and Pearson Publishing. Pearson owns Penguin Random House, which paid Barack and Michelle Obama $65 million to release their memoirs over the next few years. This followed Obama awarding Pearson Publishing $350 million to create Common Core textbooks.

This month, Pearson announced its CEO was retiring and that it would be selling its stake in Penguin Random House. In Pursuit of Truth examines these closeknit arrangements, particularly the “knickback” angles.

He also looks at the publishing deal that Joe Biden and his wife have with MacMillan, a Disney subsidiary. It’s quite similar to the Obama deal. So surprising. Not!

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are spinning stories but they are getting caught up in their lies. They are now blaming each other and pointing fingers. John Solomon tells us to watch [James Comey] and [Andrew McCabe]. Something is about to happen. The Department of Justice wants an extra week for Flynn’s sentencing. Did the Patriots stop a missile launch in North Korea? Reports are strange and the gift was the opposite. Trump sends a message. The movie plot is about to change and the movie will never be the same. More from the X22 Report.

How do they blackmail and control stars? JustInformed Talk gets into the specifics.

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Not Again!

The latest episode of Star Wars opens Friday. Some are waiting with bated anticipation. But not Mark Dice who says the Liberals at Disney have turned the sci-fi epic into powder dust.


Pedophiles In Power

Arrests continue to accelerate for pedophiles as the Trump administration works to protect our children from creeps. RandomRantsofRyan discusses the latest round of pedophile arrests: A sheriff’s deputy and his wife in Louisiana, a Disney executive, a firefighter and, of course, a large number of Catholic priests.

Jamie Dlux offers his video called The United Rapists, examining the large numbers of child rape charges brought against French troops drawing United Nations service in Africa.

This goes over the History of Lex Wexner, and all that this CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch did to help usher in the Beast system, Wexner’s connections to Epstein and Originals owner of A&F! First in a two or three-part series planned by TestingtheNarrative.


Journalists In State Of Panic

Journalists are panicking after passage of a new California law that appears to make freelance writing impossible to do. “Everybody is freaking out,” says Tim Pool. No doubt, the law will get fixed over time. But the mess could last awhile. Liberals have never been especially practical or concerned about the people over whom they run roughshod. Perhaps it’s poetic justice,though, to see journalists bear the brunt of Liberal shenanigans.

Vincent James of The Red Elephants discusses the continuing drive by YouTube to quash or even outright ban conservative channels. Not only has The Red Elephants been kicked off the platform for a period of time, but also: Owen Benjamin, Know More News, Red Ice TV, Sinatra Says, Brother Nathanael, Lift the Veil, Jake Morphonios, even Steven Crowder for a spell. Most have eventually resurfaced on YouTube, although the constant censorship struggles have left many of us to do our searching these days on alternate sites. We primarily use Bitchute,while some prefer Gab, Rumble or Minds.

Meanwhile, Verizon has been seeking to sell off the Huffington Post, a move which will likely result in layoffs regardless of the result. The company is seeking to slim down its digital media business at a time when many media companies are facing shortfalls, budget cuts, and layoffs.

CNN, VICE, BuzzFeed, Verizon, Disney and more have faced declining viewership, ratings and revenues for the past few years. This is just another trend is the downfall of leftist and far left digital media. At the same time, conservative media seems to be seeing a resurgence with Fox News doing particularly well in growth and ratings.

This all follows a trend of companies basically following “get woke go broke” as a business plan. Vice, for instance, used to be edgy and taboo but now follows the establishment political orthodoxy. Not too long after getting woke they started to go broke. Vice News sadly has merged with Viceland after being canceled on HBO.  More from Tim Pool.


Disney Sued in Weinstein Case

Actress Paz De La Huerta, whose credits include Enter the Void (2009) and The Cider House Rules (1999), has sued Harvey Weinstein on rape charges, also naming the Walt Disney Company and a Hollywood hotel where the alleged rape occurred. More from the Vincent Vendetta Channel.

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