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The Death Of Chris Cornell

Natly Denise presents her own documentary that explores the death of the musician Chris Cornell, who challenged the sick leaders behind so much of the world’s child trafficking and sexual abuse. This is the second installment in the documentary. Its full title for the documentary: The Death of Chris Cornell: Black Hole Sons in the Untimely End.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: To be able to watch, you’ll have to click a warning notice that YouTube slapped on the video. That’s YouTube! Always protecting the Leftists instead of looking out for our kids. Despicable outfit under the command of the doctrinaire Susan Wojcicki.)

The FBI’s Desperate Raids

Now that the FBI has followed and raided The Pillow Guy Mike Lindell while he was on vacation in Colorado, the question emerges: What and who are driving these insane raids of Republican leaders?

Yes, we all know the inept Joe Biden is in a state of panic, as his poll numbers decline to historic lows. Biden also is a fascist and a likely pedophile. But can he be so stupid or so defensive to be orchestrating all these raids?

Perhaps the Department of Justice and FBI are the chief antagonists. If so, what exactly are they trying to hide? Did they illegally do Hillary Clinton’s political dirty work? Are they implicated in the death of Jeffrey Epstein or even involved in his island shenanigans?

How about the silent RINOs, like Senate GOP Minority Leader Mitch McConnell or the supposedly conservative National Review? Are these RINO forces even Republican or just thinly-disguised Democratic shills? How else explain their absolute silence when so many rock-solid Republicans are being openly harassed by the FBI, using Gestapo-like tactics. More from Steve Turley.

Solar Flares Controlled!

New Christian 21 Update! Solar flares controlled! Ether-free energy stopped after WW2! Med-Bed centers! Inner Earth! Men In Black! Queen and Bush! The Frequency Fence explained! Heart consciousness! More from McAllister TV.

Adrenochrome Inc.

The business of Adrenochrome! “Blood Boy,” an HBO series! Tiny coffins! Warehouses full of electric cages! Hollywood’s insane adrenochrome meltdowns! Marina Abramovic, blood parties and so much more from McAllister TV.


This Will Not End Well

The [Deep State] played their hand to get Trump supporters into DC. It failed, but this was not their main mission. Their mission was to create the idea that terrorists are out there and to keep their fences and guards in place. Everything the [DS] is doing is countering what the people want. As each day passes, the people are seeing the [Deep State] destroy the United States. This will not end well for them. More from the X22 Report.

On today’s episode of Red Pill News we revisit the testimony of William Walker for an additional connection regarding former Sec. of the Army Ryan McCarthy, YouTube suspends RSBN for broadcasting Pres. Trump’s CPAC speech. We talk about the Arizona Maricopa County Audit coming up. Two new sources come forward in the Georgia FBI ballot shredding controversy. We also examine China’s part there. A viral video claims drug companies are running eugenics programs on the African continent and another US air base is bombed in Iraq. More from RedPill78.

McAllister TV dishes out Q MEGA-MEMES From the Mega-Meme server!

That would be the server that the DEEP STATE TOOK DOWN! Q PROOFS: Anons labored for hours putting together these amazing PROOFS! Q Anon is REAL. Epstein Island is a place for PEDOVORES, and John Kerry’s DIVORCE PAPERS claim that he is seen in a SNUFF FILM!


A113: Secret Pedovore Code

Everywhere you look in cartoons, you’ll see the number A113. Hollywood claims it’s an inside joke. It began with graduates from California Institute of the Arts, including Brad Bird, John Lasseter and Tim Burton. Supposedly this was a classroom commonly used by graphic design and cartooning students on that campus.

But patriots now charge that’s a lame excuse. In actuality, they say, A113 is shorthand for adrenochrome, the chemical compound that pedovores extract from the glands of murdered children. If this is the case, it renders much of the output of Pixar as derelict and deviant, along with Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad and many Disney films, among them Lilo & Stitch and Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Turkish TV Lets It All Hang Out

Turkish national television goes where the corrupt news media in the United States refuses to venture, explaining how children who go missing are sometimes being trafficked for their adrenochrome. This is a substance released into the bloodstream from the adrenal glands. Children are being tortured before being butchered for their adrenochrome. It’s an elixir sought out by the rich and famous. They believe adrenochrome helps them live longer, and look younger at the same time.

Adrenochrome played a big role in the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein. The rich and famous who frequented Epstein’s Little St. James Island in the Caribbean were not attracted there by the sun and surf. The allure: Joining other rich fat cats in ancient rituals, aimed at killing children — often runaways or orphans — for their adrenochrome.  In other words, these might be rich and famous people, but they are fully depraved and deserving harsh punishment — even executions in certain instances.

This Turkish broadcast begins to explain the process. The broadcast has been translated into English.


The Bite, Part 1

In Pursuit of Truth discusses the secret realm of adrenochrome, the magical elixir that the rich and famous have been extracting from kids that these monsters abduct, traffic, torture and kill. The adrenochrome is concentrated in the adrenal and pituitary glands as well as the bloodstreams of kids that have been tortured and scared to death. IPOT does not get into specific examples of this torture. We have been covering it for more than two years here on Stormy. Call up past posts on “adrenochrome” and you can learn what the dirty bastards don’t want you to know.

More to come.

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Hollywood, of course, is one of the places full of adrenochrome junkies. Actors, directors, a loft of these creative types have been indulging because the drug has psychedelic properties and because they believe it enhances their physical appearance. Vanity, of course, is a big deal in Hollywood. Don’t believe it’s been part of that culture? Take a look at the trailer for this 2012 TV movie, Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome. The blood is what these vampires feed upon. And the Chrome is shorthand for adrenochrome.

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Hollywood blood lust!! Are there now ghost prison barges off the coasts of New York and Los Angeles? How about sleeper cells? What’s shaking among the cannibal elite? Rudy Giuliani discusses the Weiner laptop. More of the true and and unvarnished news from McAllister TV.

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Evil Engulfing The Democrats

Here, TRUreporting begins to divulge the absolute evil that has engulfed the Democratic Party. To wit, this is a party whose members and whose backers — the Hollywood celebrities, fashion designers, pro atheletes, musicians and academics — all took part in sadistic parties hosted by Jeffrey Epstein. These parties not only featured sex with underage victims, but on a more disgusting level, cannibalism and child sacrifices. We fully expect many of the participants to be rounded up in the weeks ahead. Also on tap: Tensions against China are growing as it becomes clear how that nation failed to corral the coronavirus in a timely manner and also hid details of the infection in a way that hindered global efforts to thwart the disease.

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Dr. Marc Faber joins the SGTReport to discuss coronavirus and its devastating impact on the global economy.

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Although a digital dollar may sound appealing to many people, few have considered the kind of all-consuming power and authority this would give to governments and the technocratic elite. Fortunately, Luke and Tim are here to help explain the ways in which the powers that be have already begun priming the American people for this totalitarian currency control. More from We Are Change.

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Paranoia: The Correct Response

How does one react to the horror surrounding Jeffrey Epstein and his child-murdering friends: Paranoia. It strikes at the hearts of us all. More from Jason Bermas.

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Bill and Hillary Clinton were very close to Jeffrey Epstein. So close, they visited him yearly at his mansion at the Zorro Ranch in New Mexico, where Epstein only invited the elite, unlike the riffraff at his island in the Caribbean. More from TruReporting who says “Bill and Thick Angles were very close to Jeffrey Epstein and it’s going mainstream.”

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