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Journalists: Learn to Code

Now that the market place is full of thousands of laid-off journalists, it’s time these worthless Leftists returned to college and learned to code, so they can get decent, well-paying, actually necessary jobs. More from ShortFatOtaku.

James Woods popularized the “Learn to Code” meme. Now, it has enraged the media. In other words, it bears repeating as many times as possible. Black Pigeon Speaks gets to the root of the matter.

Great meme, but don’t use it on Twitter. That platform has “accidentally” confirmed it has banned people for saying “learn to code.” Interesting how Twitter can tell who is part of a “targeted harassment campaign” and who is being tongue in cheek. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Huffington Post and BuzzFeed have laid off hundreds of writers due to less money coming in. This led to journalists posting the news to social media, only to immediately be roasted in the comments by anons telling them to “learn to code.” Wild Smile gets the last laugh.

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