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Explosion Sank the Titanic

Armenian Vaghinak Byurat, one of the lucky survivors of the Titanic disaster, claims it was an explosion, not an iceberg, that was responsible for the sinking of the legendary ship. The 25-year-old publicist, who attempted to swim to safety while the Titantic sank, woke up hours later on the deck of the RMS Carpathia, a passenger steamship that rescued 712 survivors from lifeboats and the sea. Later, in his memoirs, Byurat never mentioned an iceberg but always spoke of an explosion, presumably coming from the ship’s hull.

Other theories point to a fire in the hull before the ship set sail that led to an explosion, while some believe a German U-boat in the area was responsible for the eventual sinking of the ship. Follow Byurat’s amazing tale of survival and his theory on this episode of Bright Side.

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