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This Is It! What They’re Hiding!

We have not been invaded by space invaders. But there are other entities among us — fallen angels. Here we present both parts of the SGTReport’s interview with Justen Faull, director of the film Higher Entities: The Lost Tapes. The film can be found on Vimeo.

These tapes open with a discussion of the Collins Elite, who conclude that we have not been invaded from outer space, but rather have seen demons emerge that are trying to steal and farm our souls. The discussion covers NASA scientist Jack Parsons, the British occultist and magician Aleister Crowley, all of the characters who sought to summon and open up a level of communications with these Satanic devils. There’s a wild revelation about Hillary Clinton as well.

In part two, we learn more about Stan Deyo and Ray Boeche. Deyo worked undercover for the FBI and alongside Dr. Edward Teller in the development of flying saucer technology. Boeche pushes the theory that the UFO agenda is designed to get us to believe in space aliens, but they are not space aliens. Instead they are demons from Hell who mean to pervert us against God.

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