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Time To Overthrow The Demons

Thisnis the year we take back the House and Senate, and send the Democrats to Hell! Evil surrounds us. They are preying upon our children, our elderly and those of us unable to defend themselves. We must fight these Demons and dismantle their wicked government. Pray! More from And We Know.

We’re fighting the Deep State on multiple fronts now, much like World War II, where the Allied forces simultaneously fought Adolf Hitler and his European cronies, as well as the Japanese across Asia and the Pacific. That’s the assessment of former CIA Officer Michael Jaco, appearing with Nicholas Veniamin. While we are winning this war, we still can face setbacks, and lose side battles, so it’s premature to say how long the fighting will continue.

Signs of advancement include the acquisition of Twitter and the breakout of more journalists, such as Maria Bartiromo and Tucker Carlson on Fox News, who are beginning to repeat more freely on conditions around the world. At the same time, we see the Deep State preparing another round of skirmishes. Will we be placed under lockdown once again, as some new phony disease spreads from Communist China? How about freak “accidents’ involving floods or man-made forest fires? In other words, major storms will be coming.

Demons Biohacking Mankind

We know the Satanic agenda is depopulation. But would it surprise you to learn that CRISPR technology AND the mRNA Covid biowepons are being used to biohack humanity and redesign mankind with the demonic? Sofia Smallstorm returns to SGT Report to discuss her latest newsletter and research.

The Stolen Gold Trap

Did mercenaries involved with Charlie Ward steal gold that had been hidden beneath the Vatican? That’s one of the premises explored in this latest video from McAllister TV. Drawing upon military intel, the video claims the White Hats marked the gold in certain ways so it will be clear who stole it and where it ended up going.

Also, the video claims that while Charlie Ward has not been tied directly to pedophilia, there’s a high likelihood he did transport children who became targets for pedophiles. This occurred years ago. At that time, he was working for the Cabal, setting the stage for the White Hats to recruit him instead. More to come.

Do the Globalists want our children? Demonic Disney is exposed. It’s the wonderful world of exposure! One drip at a time, l@ptop, woke, j@bs, banks. Pray! More from And We Know.

Our Enemies: A Satanic Cadre

Dr. Len Horowitz returns to SGT Report with some jaw-dropping bombshells. Len knows Tony Fauci personally and he believes Fauci is not only a psychopath, but a man who has also given himself over to a demonic influence.

Len also explains exactly who the enemies of humanity are and from where they derive their evil earthly powers.They are descendants of Cain and beholden to Satan. The good news is, they can and WILL be defeated.




Meta Dishes Out Demon Power

Let’s explore the Metaverse being cooked up by Facebook under Mark Zuckerberg. It’s a demonic place, full of Satanic symbols and references. Let’s take a closer look at the opening ad, inviting the young to hang out in this forbidding place. More from XAndrewX and Vigilant Citizen.


Real Insurrection=N@v 3

The Democrats’ attempt to brainwash the public has failed miserably. Everyone is starting to realize that the real insurrection happened on Nov. 3. Hold the line! Pray! More from And We Know.

This W@r Is Spiritual

Are demons present in the vaccines being inserted into people’s bodies? Repentance in Jesus’ name will stop the demons in their tracks.

Fear is their lethal weapon. Fear as well as corruption and misinformation.

Meanwhile, the fake news doubles down on its assertion that the 2020 election was fair and above-board. Yet in Maricopa County, Arizona, as many as 45 percent of the votes cast were fraudulent. We must pray. More from And We Know.

Demonic Pressures Rising

Regrets are building surrounding the jabs as well as the Democrats’ blatant election fraud. Now, on top of all that, we have demonic pressure ready to explode. All is coming together! Pray! More from And We Know.

The Distractions Are Many

As we get closer to crunch time, distractions are abounding, attempting to draw our attention and our minds away from the prize at hand. The elite are begging their demon gods to appear. The symbology is important to understand the omicron ruse. These leftists want full control. We must resist them. Pray! More from And We Know.

528Hz: The Frequency Of Love

“If you want to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla.

Throughout history people have used a song or a chant, to give thanks or ask for rain. Witches use words to cast spells and priests use words to cast away demons. Our voice is sound vibrations that are produced by saying our words. There is a lot of power in vibration, because everything is vibrating. Dr. Leonard Horowitz explains in an eye-opening speech.

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