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Ryushin Malone: NASA A Farce

Ryushin Malone, host of The Orion Lines, says NASA’s statement that it was going to begin researching UFOs later this year is BS! “NASA was created to deceive the public, to divert attention away from UFOs,” he says.

Malone says not only are UFOs real and visits from alien civilizations happening, there also has been a U.S. Space Force all along, harnessing anti-gravity technology since the 1950s. “To think that nothing has been built for 70 years is ridiculous,” he says. Here’s his report, which includes some shocking alien revelatons.

The Eclipse Interview

Gigi Young joins the Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for a discussion on Mars, Elon Musk, Nazis and the UFO File. They get into Stargate and mystery school concepts as well as how the Greys have started to mix in human DNA to save themselves from extinction. This turns toward a discussion of transhumanism and the obsession with DNA and genetics.

Are They Hiding God From Us?

Dustin Nemos welcomes podcaster Mark Sargent to discuss the hidden history of man, why the Deep State is hiding God, the firmament and the seed war on humanity.

The discussion also centers on the Biblical Earth cosmology, or flat Earth, plus how NASA is nothing more than a bunch of bad actors, with many Biden-level gaffes. Here’s the discussion.

Space Is Hard: Time Flies

Time flies when you have to deal with a corrupt, inept bureaucratic govt. agency. More from Tiberius Maximus.

Was Final Frontier Fake News?

Did we really embark on space as the Final Frontier, as President John F. Kennedy promised, or has NASA been shining us all these years. In the following video, courtesy of Arcane Pathways, ODD TV suggests space is fake and seemingly presents video evidence to prove it.

For instance, there are clips from International Space Station (ISS) videos, with what appear to be hologram glitches that would suggest space scenes are being faked from a Hollywood stage set. Then there are clips of astronauts who were on moon missions and those who have flown in recent flights contradicting each other on whether celestial objects, such as stars and planets, can be seen from their space vehicles. Some ISS astronauts even admit that the farthest we can fly is in Earth’s orbit.

ODD TV also features several clips from space officials admitting that NASA mysteriously lost its 1960s technology that took man to the moon and its moon-mission telemetry data is also missing. In a past television interview, Dr. Bill Nye, aka The Science Guy, said, “One thing I really want your generation to embrace is that the Earth is a closed system. We cannot leave the Earth.” Here’s the full report from ODD TV and, as always, use your own discernment.

Space Travel Goes Commercial

The Dream Chaser is ushering in a new era in commercial space travel. The craft was designed by Colorado-based Sierra Space, a wing of Sierra Nevada Corp., which has contracted with NASA to deliver cargo to the International Space Station.

The company also signed a deal with Blue Origin to build a private space station for commercial use. Called Orbital Reef, the station will be a hub for commercial industries, such as manufacturing entertainment, sports, gambling and adventure travel. Here are the details from Reuters Innovation.

How NASA Craft Touched Sun

NASA announced that its Parker Solar Probe became the first spacecraft to “touch” the Sun. What does it mean to touch the Sun and how and why did they do it? The Facts channel explains.

The X Blackout

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep on the real story of Government manipulation and moves by all covert sides to control the narrative going into 2022.

The Worst People Of 2021

As the year winds to a close, Crrow 777 returns to SGT Report for a year-end wrap as we discuss the worst people of 2021, and the worst people of all-time.

Dollar Collapse, Aliens In ’22

Natural News’ Mike Adams says America will witness the hardening of the resistance in 2022, which will trigger some major events. He says these aren’t official predictions, but things that could happen.

At the top of the list, Adams says, is the probable collapse of the dollar, an engineered attempt at a global currency reset that will wake up a lot of Americans to honest money and the shenanigans of the central banks. Also on the horizon is the cosmic false flag, or faux alien invasion. Adams says NASA has already hired several religious leaders to deal with the public’s reaction.

Adams also posits that there could be an actual NASA reveal of real alien contact and the secrets of Mars and other planets. Check out more revelations with Adams in this edition of the Health Ranger Report.


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