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Q Is Back!

Backsliding GOP operatives Rosenstein, Kelly and Tillerson started the coup, working with CIA interests to undermine President Donald Trump. House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., is merely trying to finish up their work. More from SerialBrain2.

The patriots are in full control. This week more individuals are slated to testify and before they do the entire narrative is falling apart. They are exposed. The patriots are prepared to and getting ready to harvest. The IG report is ready. The clock is ticking down. Q drops more bread. Lets us know that certain individuals might off themselves once the charges are produced. Panic in DC. Pain is coming. More from the X22 Report.

New Q Posts! Potus rally clues! The best is yet to come! Panic!!! More from McAllister TV.

What Hunter Biden was doing in the Ukraine was indicative of what Biden, Christopher Heinz and the rest of the corrupt heirs were doing around the world. These druggies and deadbeats have sod out our country around the world. More Q analysis and news from Q, via JustInformed Talk.


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