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Zorro Ranch, Trementina Base

Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico is two hour’s drive from the Church of Scientology’s Tremetina Base, close to Las Vegas, NM. Here, TestingtheNarrative explores the many connections between these two sites. She also reviews the history of the Church of Scientology, with its many hidden vaults and elaborate tunnel systems.

In Great Britain, the dirt is flying all around Prince Andrew, now that he’s been cast out by the Queen in light of his indiscretions with Jeffrey Epstein. Staffers are reporting how impertinent and rude he’s always been — not at all a pleasant character. We’re also hearing how Ghislaine Maxwell is coming out of the shadows and attempting re-emerge in the public realm. More from Vincent Vendetta.

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Both Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew are suggesting they are willing to talk with the FBI and tell what they know about Epstein and his sex trafficking operations. Here, Lionel Nation discusses what that could mean in an interview with RT.

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Finally, we close with inveterate researcher Jamie Dlux who says Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew met secrety at Buckingham Palace after Epstein’s arrest this summer. Dlux doesn’t buy the argument that Epstein killed himself. He believes the creepy pedophile either was murdered or managed an escape under the auspices of one of the spy agencies that employed his services for blackmail.

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