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Zorro Ranch Sale: $27.5 Million

Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous Zorro Ranch hit the market this week with a gaudy price of $27.5 million. Located south of Santa Fe, N.M. in the village of Stanley, the 30,000-square-foot, 8,000-acre property is where Epstein was accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women and girls. Epstein was convicted of sex trafficking in July 2019 and allegedly committed suicide by hanging in the New York Metro Correctional Center one month later.

In the following report from KRQE-TV in Albuquerque, interior photos of the mansion were posted for the first time in Sotheby’s International Realty, revealing extravagant gold and red trimmings in a living room and detailed molding in the library. Also discovered on the property were three never-seen homes called The Blue House, The Lodge and The Log Cabin. There also was an area called ranch central adjacent to the main residence, dotted with several homes, a general store and a firehouse.

Earlier this year, Epstein’s Manhattan mansion sold for for $51 million and his compound in Palm Beach, Fla., sold for $18.5 million. Here’s more from KRQE-TV.

More Intrigue At Zorro Ranch

There’s yet another bizarre twist to the Jeffrey Epstein saga and his sprawling Zorro Ranch, south of Santa Fe, N.M., in the small rural community of Stanley.

Albuquerque’s KRQE-TV investigative reporter Gabrielle Burkhart has uncovered a mysterious deed transferring ownership of the property from Cypress Inc., a Florida corporation, to Love & Bliss, a nonprofit church religious organization also in the Sunshine State, for $200! Furthermore, the president of Love & Bliss is 22-year-old Alex Lezczynski, who has an extensive criminal record. Now, does this make any sense for a property worth millions!

Burkhart says the attorney listed on the deed traced to a real estate office on Google and the New York phone number is listed to a food broker who’s had the number for 60 years. She finally reached a representative of the Epstein estate, who claims the deed is fraudulent. It turns out Love & Bliss filed a similar deed for Epstein’s property in Palm Beach, Fla. A Florida judge found the deed invalid and unenforceable.

It’s another weird chapter in the Jeffrey Epstein story that never ends. To our knowledge, the Zorro Ranch property has never been locked down nor raided by the feds or local law enforcement since the Epstein allegations broke, which is a shocker in itself. Although, following Epstein’s indictment in 2019, New Mexico’s State Land Office cancelled the Zorro Ranch lease. Here’s Burkhart with more on the travails of Epstein and the Zorro Ranch.

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Maxwell Vs. Annie Farmer

Ghislaine Maxwell’s legal team has officially upped the stakes with its hardball tactics in court, but her alleged victims aren’t backing down. One of Maxwell’s strategies to increase her plea bargaining power, is to silence her potential witnesses by getting them disqualified for accepting money from the Jeffrey Epstein Victims Compensation Fund. “This is absolutely diabolical,” says investigative vlogger Shaun Attwood.

Team Maxwell’s focus is on the Farmer sisters–Annie and Maria–who alleged they were continuously abused by Maxwell and Epstein. In his latest salvo, Maxwell’s attorney turned his despicable sights on Annie Farmer, calling her a money-grabber. He says that accepting a settlement from Epstein’s compensation fund indicated that she had a financial motivation to make false assertions. “They had to fight for this for decades,” Attwood says, “and now it’s being used against them by the evil lawyers.”

But Annie Farmer, who alleges she was sexually assaulted at age 16 by Maxwell at the Zorro Ranch in New Mexico, is steadfastly moving forward in hopes of seeing through the wheels of justice. Here’s more with Attwood.

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Palace Confidential

There’s been a few new twists in the extraordinary saga of Prince Andrew and his relationship with the late, sex-trafficking billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, and the accusations that he had sex with Virginia Roberts Giuffre when she was a minor, which he strongly denies.

Daily Mail investigative reporters Stephen Wright and Richard Pendlebury have written a series of articles that raise questions not only of Prince Andrew’s defense, but also that of his accuser. Wright stresses that he and Pendlebury wanted to write the series in as a forensic manner as possible, but the discrepancies and holes in the story were numerous. “The Duke (of Edinburgh, Andrew) in terms of his memory and his inability to recall key events. Viriginia Roberts, as well, in terms of the allegations she’s made, the details she’s given, there are holes in there, there are discrepancies and variations.”

A number of the Prince Andrew-Virginia Roberts dalliances allegedly took place at Epstein’s secluded Zorro Ranch, southeast of Santa Fe, N.M. Here’s more from the Mail Plus, the Daily Mail‘s digital edition, including key interviews with Mail staff.

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Occultism: Long Sword Of Satan

Who were Aleister Crowley, Anton LaVey, Michael Aquino and L. Ron Hubbard? How do they all connect? How does Jeffrey Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico — the Zorro Ranch in Stanley —  tie into what some would call a cult? Sit back and listen as TestingtheNarrative explores these questions as well as getting into: Montauk, Aleister Crowley’s visit to Long Island, Scientology, John F. Kennedy Jr., Camp Hero and other topics. The connections and interrelations are quite fascinating.


Epstein’s Shady Property Deals

For years, Jeffrey Epstein’s massive real estate portfolio has been cloaked in secrecy, with the exception of a nugget of info here and there. There are his incredible mansions in New York City, Palm Beach, Florida, New Mexico and Paris, and islands–yes, whole islands–in the Caribbean, that we know little about.

YouTube blogger John Williams reveals some shocking details that the recent Netflix documentary on Epstein and many mainstream media outlets have refused to disclose in their reporting. Take his New York apartment, the largest in the city that sits in one of the most fashionable blocks on the Upper East Side. The building was purchased by billionaire Les Wexner for $13.2 million and later sold to Epstein for $10 in 2011! Eight years later, the property was valued at $77 million. What? Something’s fishy in Gotham.

Then there’s the curious Zorro Ranch in New Mexico, about 40 miles south of Santa Fe. Epstein originally purchased 7,500 acres in the area, but expanded to 10,000 acres soon after. Since Epstein’s arrest, incarceration and demise, there has been no known raid or further investigation into the property.

And there are the two islands just outside of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Epstein purchased 78-acre Little St. James Island–the most notorious of the two–for $7.95 million in 1998, where he flew guests in and out in one of his two private jets. Williams reports that this property wasn’t grand enough for Epstein and he bought Great St. James Island next door in 2016 for $18 million. His intentions were to develop the property, but he was issued a stop-work order by authorities due to environmental issues, which he ignored. And take a wild guess who his next door neighbor was? Joe Biden and family on Water Island!

Williams gives us more details and opines on how Epstein attained his lofty status in this episode of ThisisJohnWilliams.

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Epstein/Maxwell At Zorro Ranch

With the Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell sex-trafficking saga dominating the news cycle in the last couple of weeks, the Zorro Ranch connection to the tale has been mysteriously swept under the rug. The Zorro Ranch is the exclusive 33,000-acre-plus resort in rural Stanley, N.M., that billionaire financier Epstein built on property he leased from the state beginning in the early 1990s. Located 23 miles southeast of Santa Fe, the Zorro Ranch was one of Epstein’s primary “playgrounds,” where he threw elaborate soirees for the rich, famous and political elite, and where he allegedly trafficked under-aged girls.

Epstein, a convicted sex offender, was arrested for sex trafficking minors in New York and Florida in July 2019, before allegedly committing suicide in jail the following August. While Epstein’s properties in New York, Palm Beach, Fla., and Little St. James Island in the Caribbean have been seized and combed through by authorities, the Zorro Ranch has been left untouched.

Eddy Aragon, CEO of Rock of Talk LLC, which owns ABQ-FM and AM 1600 KIVA radio stations in Albuquerque, tells investigative journalist D. Dowd Muska that national and local media have done very little in covering the Zorro Ranch. Muska added that even the recent Netflix documentary glossed over the whole New Mexico angle.

Says Aragon, “It’s not that there’s not any interest. There’s plenty of interest. You’re talking about who they’re (media) paid by and why there would be such a voidance. Let’s not forget who’s implicated in all of this and that would be one Bill Richardson, who is also known as the godfather of the modern political Democrat dynasty (in New Mexico).” Here’s more from Aragon and Muska on the Rock of Talk Channel.

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In the following video, Aragon replays his interview with an employee of the Zorro Ranch–an anonymous subcontractor–from August 2019, who reveals some sordid details about what went on there, who might have been among the guests and his interaction with Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and the staff. The interview was featured on the Tru News Channel.

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Friends Of Epstein Terrified

With notorious Jeffrey Epstein confidant Ghislaine Maxwell now in federal custody, it’s time to dig deeper into what was really going on at Little St. James Island, on the Lolita Express, at the Zorro Ranch, and other alleged sex-trafficking locations around the globe. The questions abound. Where did all their money come from to purchase these extravagant mansions? When Epstein and Maxwell paired up, why were there so many famous people in the room? What were they doing? And what do these celebs know?

Alana Goodman, who co-authored A Convenient Death: The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein, says a lot of people are concerned now that Maxwell has been taken into custody. “A lot of the friends of Jeffrey Epstein, who were relieved when he died, are pretty terrified at this moment, because Ghislaine Maxwell has every incentive to talk about the situation,” Goodman says.

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson noted that among the high-falutin’ friends seen multiple times in Epstein’s company were Microsoft’s Bill Gates, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, former Secretary of the Treasury under Bill Clinton, Larry Summers, and President Bill Clinton himself. Will they come under increased scrutiny by authorities? Here’s more with Carlson and Goodman.

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Zip Ties And Dollar Signs

A new report delves into the relations between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the late serial sex fiend Jeffrey Epstein. While the report doesn’t skirt MIT’s lack of responsibility, there’s a muddy picture of certain key elements — for instance, did Epstein work hand in glove with Microsoft Founder Bill Gates? Also, what was the role of Reid Hoffman in seeking donations from Epstein? Hoffman was a co-founder of LinkedIn and has been involved with numerous tech companies. He has defended the MIT Media Lab, which took the bulk of the Epstein donations. More from Jamie Dlux.

Always on the lookout, Jamie Dlux returns with a few snippets about Jeffrey Epstein. First, we see how he cemented his relationship with Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal Musk, a Space X cowboy. Then we hear from Talulah Riley on how to marry a billionaire. Dlux closes with a look at Prince Andrew visiting New Mexico, staying at the Zorro Ranch and schmoozing with Epstein and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.

Eggnog And Stocking Stuffers

Let’s take a look at Jeffrey Epstein’s campaign donations to a slew of New Mexico politicians, not only former Gov. Bill Richardson but former Attorney General Bill King, whose father Bruce sold Epstein the Zorro Ranch property. Also in this quick video, Jamie Dlux looks at Ghislaine Maxwell and how she distanced herself from her two brothers.

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