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All Hands On Deck

In Pursuit Of Truth brings us up to date on the latest Q releases. In addition, he circles in on Jeffrey Epstein, his perverse treatment of children, his blackmail and his involvement with Mossad. Also, he introduces a new platform where his videos now are appearing — Drop.Space.

The [Deep State] is now losing it. They are pushing everything they have but none of it has facts or evidence supporting the impeachment. They are doomed. The IG FISA report is coming out and this will pave the way for the next wave. The American people will begin to learn about treason, crimes and crimes against humanity. This is the beginning. This is the awakening. More from the X22 Report.

Mel Fabregas is a pioneer in online truth telling. As the founder of Veritas Radio, Mel has contributed greatly to the global great awakening, and it’s my honor to speak with him today about TRUTH RISING.  More from the SGTReport.


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