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The Death Of Chris Cornell

Natly Denise presents her own documentary that explores the death of the musician Chris Cornell, who challenged the sick leaders behind so much of the world’s child trafficking and sexual abuse. This is the second installment in the documentary. Its full title for the documentary: The Death of Chris Cornell: Black Hole Sons in the Untimely End.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: To be able to watch, you’ll have to click a warning notice that YouTube slapped on the video. That’s YouTube! Always protecting the Leftists instead of looking out for our kids. Despicable outfit under the command of the doctrinaire Susan Wojcicki.)

Juan O. Savin: World Drama

Juan O. Savin dissects what’s next for the Royals following the death of Queen Elizabeth, focusing on whether newly crowned King Charles is destined to remain in power or the possibility that the the stage been set for Prince William?

Savin discusses the Royal process going forward, including playing out their Satanic rituals. He also explains President Trump’s demands to the Jan. 6 Committee over the last two weeks to restore his lawful presidency, put him on the 2022 ballot or charge him. More with Savin and special guest, Sheila, with David “Nino” Rodriguez.

UFC Fighter Exposes Pedos

In a stunning post-fight rant, UFC fighter Joel Bauman lashed out at Hollywood pedophiles, Jimmy Kimmel and the mainstream media. He demanded the release of convicted sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell’s contact list and Jeffrey Epstein’s black book. More from Josh Sigurdson and World Alternative Media.

Biden’s Dirty Child Trafficking

Savanah Hernandez reports on the scope of Joe Biden’s child trafficking. Altogether, some 30,000 children are being transported across the United States and deposited in a wide variety of cities, usually via bus from five or six drop-points in Texas. More from Hernandez, appearing with Steve Bannon on The War Room.

Was Anne Heche Murdered?

Josh Sigurdson reports on the strange case of actor Anne Heche’s death in a fiery California crash, where she was seen struggling to escape the ambulance gurney after being allegedly brain dead. He says large amounts of cocaine and alcohol were found in Heche’s body after her death..

Sigurdson says Heche was working on a film exposing child trafficking at the time of her crash, which included information of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Heche also starred in a 2008 film titled Toxic Skies, which detailed a pandemic or plague caused by government-induced chemtrails. Strange coincidences, to say the least. Could the iconic actor have been murdered by the Cabal? Here’s more from Sigurdson on World Alternative Media.

Sarah Kellen: Epstein Aide

Bruce Reinhart, the Obama-appointed U.S. magistrate who signed the FBI warrant to raid President Donald Trump’s residence, just so happens to have been attorney for several Jeffrey Epstein associates.

That includes Epstein’s pilots and his aide Nadia Marcinkova as well as a woman, Sarah Kellen, who has been described as a lieutenant of the entire Epstein operation. Along with Ghislaine Maxwell, Kellen played a major role in recruiting and assigning underage sex slaves that Epstein and his “guests” abused. Here’s more from Natly Denise.

They Won’t Talk About This

Let’s jet aboard the Lolita Express to Epstein’s Island, where the billionaires, movie stars and corrupt politicians go to get their rocks off. Featuring Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein himself. More from The United Spot.

Mar-a-Lago Raid: Pedos, UFOs

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt reports on the FBI Raid on President Trump’s Florida residence! What’s the connection with the UFO File?

The judge that approved the raid on President Trump’s personal residence is Epstein compromised. Shocking, right? The deep state #pedogate fix is in, again. Justin O’Connell from joins me to dissect the latest USA banana republic news. More from the SGTReport.

Greg Hunter from interviews pundit Martin Armstrong about the Mar-A-Lago raid. Hunter says the corrupt FBI knows it’s in deep trouble and is now attempting “a hail Mary of Hail Mary raid” to try to extricate the agency from pending doom.

The FBI knew Hillary Clinton had Benghazi documents at her residence, but “they did not go storming her residence,” Armstrong says. Why now have they chosen to do so against Trump? The end result, he believes: A deathblow to democracy.

How Courts Protect Traffickers

Lisa Temple returns to the program to give us a needed update on her case. Her remarkable story paints the very real picture of what activists who get close to the human trafficking networks encounter. Even though she has been a victim of abuse and terror, she wants everyone to know she is a survivor and will never back down. Her message to everyone: if she can stand up to the thugs, you can too. More from Sarah Westall on Business Game Changers.

White House Kids: Vampires!

Remember the videos we saw of children being rescued from tunnels beneath the White House. There’s a reason we haven’t seen more of these rescued children. They were vampires, raised as food for pedophiles and themselves dining upon other children in the underground tunnels leading to Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs). They have not been seen again because we would recognize these were not just young victims, but also soulless and heartless predators.

Here, McAllister TV begins to unravel and explain many of the mysteries surrounding current events, up to and including the murder of Princess Diana as well as the shameless Satanism exhibited by Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea. What are the connections between Satanic sacrifices and later-term abortions? If you think there is not a connection, you’re probably a dumb, lame-ass Democrat! We’ve got a lot of them around, selling out America, while allowing an invasion of migrants. The foul purposes of that invasion are fully explored here.

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