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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Client List

When will we see Ghislaine Maxwell’s client list? How about the full Epstein Island flight logs? Will these pedophile criminals escape forever or finally be brought to justice? Here’s the latest ChristianPatrioticNews video, drawing upon Q-posts for possible leads on Epstein, as well as his allies in Pedowood, formerly Hollywood. Also covered: The Vatican and symbolism concerning the Federal Reserve.

Red Cross On The Firing Line

The [Deep State] is being exposed. Epstein’s network is now in the spotlight. The Red Cross is being exposed down at the border.

The pandemic origins is being exposed and China is panicking. Will they invade Taiwan to distract from the information coming out.

Trump warns of WWIII. He says it is lurking in the background. The [Deep State] will move from an information war into a physical war in the end. The patriots already have countermeasures in place. More from the X22 Report.

Flash: What’s Going To Happen?

Christian 21 returns with a military breakdown of the Solar Flash Event! 3-Day Blackout followed by 10 days of darkness! 3D Martial Law! 3D Matrix vs. 5D Enhanced Perceptions! Perfect Bodies!

New Gateways! Galactic protection! People who died from the vaxx are bypassing the Shift! They are waiting for the others to arrive! Positives will help with transports! We’ve already done this before! We’re not on a schedule…We are waiting for them to wake up!

Big questions get big answers! 9-11 was entertainment! Trump stopped child trafficking with covid-tainted adrenochrome! Bush funeral! Over 2.7 million executions already a year ago! Secret “elite” meeting place blown to smithereens! Kissinger executed first…And more from McAllister TV.

Soros Enters The Picture

The [Deep State] is trying to get back at the patriots. They are creating chaos and anarchy. Their pyramid is collapsing. They are fighting for the their lives and they do not have the ammunition to use on Trump.

Trump and the patriots have all the leverage. One of their last attempts is to try to beat Trump in the 2024 elections. Soros just entered the picture and he is now backing DeSantis. Why choose DeSantis? Because they believe they can win and then have DeSantis lose the Presidency. Lets see how this all plays out in the end. More from the X22 Report.

The Crime Of The Century

Here’s a wild and woolly video from Brendan Lee O’Connell, a so-called “conservative-leaning” Australian podcaster, drawing from a whistleblower named Mike Gill. It’s Gill’s contention that former President Donald Trump didn’t try to drain the swamp, but rather to take it over. We’ve all heard the stories about Bill and Hillary Clinton running drug smuggling through Arkansas.

Gill and O’Connell contend that what worked for the Democrats is now working for the Republicans. The video charges that much of the illegal fentanyl trade — said to involve hundreds of billions of dollars annually — is run through a drug smuggling ring based in New Hampshire, under the control of its governor Chris Sununu. Instead of cleaning up the racket, they contend, Trump took it over, replacing the old Swamp creatures with his own cadre of drug dealers and money launderers.

It’s said the spoils from the racket are laundered through the Ukraine, the same nation where the covid-19, biochemical weapons and pedophile-child trafficking rings are all based as well. Not only are U.S. politicians involved, but also their families, retired military officers, even Illuminati scum like Henry Kissinger and assorted alt-right media types, including the InfoWars crew and even James O’Keefe.

This video dishes a lot of dirt, mostly aimed at Republicans and conservatives. It’s claimed that Mike Gill was offered $50 million dollars to shut up and walk away, signing releases for banks, former heads of the IRS, lawyers and judges. Says O’Connell, “He never took the deal. THAT is a true hero. This is going all the way. All the way. Front page New York Times.”

(Our opinion: We smell a rat — or two! Lots of dirt is being tossed at Trump, so this could be the handiwork of the Democrats, seeing at how they soon might be facing tough corruption charges themselves. There’s also the chance that Ron DeSantis is involved, as he stands to gain immensely if Trump is thrown under the bus as a Presidential hopeful for 2024.  Why do we bring you the video? So you can begin to understand the infighting and the varied charges you’re likely to hear over the weeks ahead. Things are going to get rough and wild. Hang on to your hats, and also keep calm and collected. You’ll need a clear mind to sift through all the false flags, propaganda and lies, and begin to grasp the actual truth.)

Sick Fashion Industry Exposed

Fashion designer Gianni Salvatore explains how powerful Illuminati factions control the fashion industry, pushing deviancy and perversion involving children. To succeed in the industry, you must commit compromising acts, up to and including sex with children.

IF you concur, you will be rewarded with riches, but you can never escape being blackmailed. You also will be pushed to create fashions that sexualize children, and to use photographers and creative artists that the Illuminati recommends. These are artists whose goal is to destroy religion and morality, and enshrine Satanism and pedophilia.

Salvatore’s refusal to go along with these directives led him to abandon what began as a celebrated career in fashion. Here, he speaks with Nicholas Veniamin, providing specifics on how the Illuminati use drugs and coercion to attempt to corral the industry and push their dreaded aims. Not only are powerful industrialists and businesses like Disney involved in this chicanery, but also corrupt politicians, some of them quite prominent in the vile Democratic Party.

Child Trafficking Along Border

Sheriff Mark Lamb is the sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona. Sheriff Lamb begins the conversation discussing his new book: The Adventures of Seymour Clues and Mr. Mouse. The book was written to teach children traditional values and counter what the woke schools are teaching our children.

Sheriff Lamb discusses how the southern border is are wide open. At the border, there are child and human trafficking, as well as drug smuggling happening. The Biden administration is causing this problem. It’s time to take back America. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

Epstein Accomplice In Court

JP Morgan and a former banker that was close to Epstein are charged in US court for being accomplices to Epstein’s crimes and participating. The U.S. House is set to rule and the Biden Crime family are under attack at CNN! More from RedPill78.

Simon Parkes: Save the Children

Simon Parkes tells host David Mahoney the staggering numbers of disappearing children every year into DUMBs, where there is non-terrestrial entities, is really happening.

Fortunately, Parkes says, 95 percent of the abducted children have been rescued and are going into military families. He brings more details, plus touches on the truth behind what’s really happening on the Moon and Mars, the effects of 5G, what authorities are doing with the stash of gold found in DUMBs beneath the Vatican and an update on the Quantum Financial System.

The Elite Wanted A Pedo World

But they never expected it to be exposed.

Today’s guests are Liz Crokin and Mary O’Neill. Liz Crokin is an award-winning author, an independent investigative journalist and a documentary film producer best known for her relentless work exposing sex trafficking. Mary O’Neill is the executive director and finance manager of America’s Future, Inc.

Mary begins the conversation explaining what her organization does. Liz then breaks down how the elite want to normalize child tracking and pedophilia.

The conspiracy is now the truth and the elite are panicking because the world is catching on to what they wanted. The world is fighting back because they went after the children. Hollywood, corrupt politicians, fake news all silent on the subject, tells you everything you need to know. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

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