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Nuremberg 2.0!

Infowars’ Greg Reese reports that an international team of lawyers and medical experts are seeking to charge the CDC, the WHO and the DAVOS group with crimes against humanity.

Reese says Dr. Roger Fuellmich is the front man for the team of hundreds of lawyers and medical experts. Among the points of contention, Reese says, is the protocol for the PCR tests given by the CDC and WHO, which were knowingly set to a level to gain 100 percent false positive or negatives.

Fuellmich pointed out that the experimental vaccine was in clear violation of all 10 of the Nuremberg codes, which carry the penalty of death for those who violate them. Here’s Reese’s report.

CIA Behind The Covid Pandemic

Joining me today Destiny Rezendez, here to discuss yet another of her very revealing and insightful threads. Destiny discovered a very important document from 2019 (that I had not seen prior to her work) in which In-Q-Tel, the venture capital firm of the CIA, outlined near exactly what later took place during the COVID-19 illusion of 2020.

This has potentially major implications for the origin of this COVID illusion, the execution of the manipulation to this very day, as well as possible accountability for these crimes. Here’s more from The Last American Vagabond.

Dr. Ana Mihalcea, attorney David Meiswinkle and Dr. Joseph Sansone join me to discuss the war on humanity and their exhaustive efforts to ban the jabs in in all 50 states. “Jabs’ is the colloquial term used to describe the Covid-19 bioweapon injections which are masquerading as “vaccines” and which are killing and maiming people all over the world.

Join the National American Renaissance Movement to help take our nation back. Here’s more from the SGT Report.

Intel From The Backlines

Hang onto your hats! The Cabal is losing the global war. The extent of their losses will be readily apparent soon enough. “We’re going to see a lot of changes in the next few months,” says Icons2020, bringing us a few comms from the backlines.

For starters, he says the war against the Cabal is achieving real progress and “there is no delay.” Some have been confused or angry because mass revelations haven’t occurred yet. Icons2020 hints that cleanup operations have stretched longer than some anticipated simply because of the difficulties involved in tracing and identifying humans. There are nearly 200 nations and some 2-3 billion individuals who don’t have birth certificates or other vital records.

The snags will be resolved, and the Cabal members will pay for their hideous crimes. “I pity the fools that want to keep that old system because they can be eradicated very quickly,” says Icons2020.

Indisputable Evidence: Treason

The [Deep State] is now in a deep panic. The treason has been exposed to the people. As the people learn about the other crimes, the [Deep State] will need to shut down communication. The information war will become a physical war.

The exposure of their crimes is only the beginning. This is going to get worse and worse for them as time goes on. The people will see the truth. The evidence is indisputable. More from the X22 Report.


The Bait Has Been Set

The [Deep State] has now lost the court of public opinion. Every time they attacked Trump it was an attack on the American people. And this woke the American people up.

Trump has been baiting them in from the beginning and now he has almost completed the setup and the sting operation. The last part is to allow the [Deep State] to bring us to the brink of war. This will jolt the rest of the people awake.

Years of planning but now the people are awake and ready to battle the [Deep State]. More from the X22 Report.

Dividers will fall. Immoral behavior push. House shows truth, exposes gun agenda.

Also in this episode: The Twitter Files, protect your DNA and . Pray! More from And We Know.

Crimes Against Children: No Go!

The [Deep State] is now prepping to try to take back control of the information war. They are now pushing a bill which will fail. They are also coordinating with the big social media platforms for their next move.

The pandemic kicked it off, then the [Deep State] brought in the drag shows with the trans people to groom the children.

The border crisis is now being exposed and how it is used for child tracking and sex enslavement. Crimes against humanity, go after the children, the people will unite.

The precipice is approaching. Once it arrives,  it is game over. More from the X22 Report.

Epstein Secrets To Be Revealed?

J.P. Morgan Case chairman and chief executive officer Jamie Dimon will give sworn testimony in May on the bank’s decision to retain Jeffrey Epstein as a client despite his sex trafficking.

British newspapers are reporting on the case, while their American counterparts — the fake news — remains completely silent on Epstein. That’s because the American press has done little except cover up for Epstein from the very beginning.

Dimon’s sworn testimony will be behind closed doors. It’s part of a trial brought against the J.P. Morgan Chase Bank by the U.S. Virgin Islands, where Epstein has his home in the Caribbean. Here’s more from Jason Bermas.

[Deep State] Acting Stupid

The [Deep State] only has a couple of moves left and the moves they are making are stupid. If they arrest Trump, he will become more powerful than the [Deep State] could ever imagine.

The [Deep State] will push chaos. At least they will try. But this will fail in the end. They will then move to a real war and this will not work because the people do not want war. They want peace. Each move the [Deep State] makes will not work. Flags out. More from the X22 Report.

Mistakes Were Not Made

Dr. Tess Lawrie eloquently presents a reading of “Mistakes Were Not Made: An Anthem for Justice,” a poem by Margaret Anna Alice chronicling how Covid tyranny was intentionally calculated, despite the incessant claims of terms, such as “bungled” and “blundered” to describe the obvious crimes against humanity. Here’s the reading, courtesy of Sixth Sense.

Crimes We Will Never Forget

The [Deep State] is now scrambling to shift the narrative. Biden is on deck. The evidence is now coming out and the D party will make a move on him. The people are now seeing the crimes and it’s going to get worse as time goes on.

The [Deep State] used everything they had to get rid of Trump. In the process, they hurt the people and the people will not forget. There will be accountability. More from the X22 Report.

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