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Virginia Gun Grab Blasted

So the goofy Virginia Governor Ralph Blackface Northam, emboldened by a blue sweep of both houses of the Virginia legislature, stuck his head out of a window in that big white Governor’s mansion in downtown Richmond and proclaimed that Virginia was now going to lead the way into a new world order of anti-gun socialism. And his first proof of service was that he was going to be the state that broke the back of the NRA.

So his overly-excitable, wet-behind-the-ears newbie legislators from the inside-the-Beltway Kremlin put in a wide variety of anti-gun measures as proposed legislation when their first session opens for business on January 9th.

Well, then goofy Northam decided to go them one better and threaten that if legal gun owners didn’t turn in their newly-banned assault weapons the state police would come and get them.

Well, obviously, this didn’t sit well with those of us who grew up wandering the fields with rifles since before we could drive a car. Now we are the mayors and sheriffs and members of Boards of Supervisors all over the state. Hehehe – watch out Northam. Better tuck your head back in your temporary mansion. More from Bill Still, with an assist from conservative spokesman Walter Williams.

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Virginia has quickly become ground zero in the war for the very soul of America. And as Patriots rise in the face of over tyranny, a civil war in the state is now becoming a very real possibility. More from the SGTReport.

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