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It’s All About To Boomerang

The [Deep State] propaganda is beginning to fall apart. It’s all about to boomerang! [Deep Fake] videos are countered! More from the X22 Report.

Michael Flynn was targeted and silenced for a reason. Now, be prepared, as we learn the truth. Pain is coming for the evil elite. More from And We Know.

NSA veteran turned whistle blower William Binney and LaRouchePAC historian Harley Schlanger join the SGTReport to discuss new information about Guccifer 2.0, and the inside job nature of the DNC hacks, and the race against the clock to indict and convict key players involved in the Deep State coup against our Republic.

It’s the night of the Crazy Dems!!! McAllister TV goes where few of us dare and confronts the monstrous Piglosi!!! What’s with her stack of evil bullet pens!!!



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