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The Navy and Air Force are conducting tests over the next few weeks that could disrupt GPS coordinates. This will primarily affect sea travel off the coasts of Florida and North Carolina, but also air travel over Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. In Pursuit of Truth discusses the ramifications while also zeroing in on impeachment and the Virginia 2nd Amendment protests. Also covered: Why is the FBI confiscating long-range night vision tubes?

Here is a conversation that occurred over the weekend between Adam of Marfoogle News and RedPill78.  The focus: How the Army and Marines are both ordering and confiscating large numbers of night-vision goggles. Also, the Army is stepping up its training exercise to cover instances of underground combat,

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The [Deep State] have been pushing their message on the mainstream media, trying to control the narrative. The people are awake and the great awakening is coming. The patriots are in full control. Nobody gets a free pass, nobody. Patriots have it all. Shall we play a game. More from the X22 Report.

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But the best is yet to come! Lori Colley explores the cadences and strange ellipses in President Donald Trump’s latest Tweets. Do they have any bearing on the announcements of Q, who has resurfaced after nearly a month-long absence? Is the president drawing attention to a post regarding the connection between former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Crowdstrike?

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The shot heard ’round the world.

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