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Drop The M.I.C.

President Dwight David Eisenhower gives his farewell address to the nation. More from In Pursuit of Truth.

The doom and gloom days are over. There is a new economy coming into focus. The [Deep State] begins their push in the Senate Trial. They are begging for document. They are showing sound bites trying to make their point. This will all fail, because the sound bites are just that: sound bites. And when the full clip is shown, it will destroy their narrative. This entire Senate Trial is now about convicting Trump. It’s to keep the news cycle busy and to prevent the truth from coming out. It’s to prevent the public from learning the truth. Judgment day is coming. More from the X22 Report.

A black man describes why he supports President Donald Trump. Now, the Senate trial of the President’s impeachment begins. Trump has assembled a high-powered legal team. Why do the Democrats want to get rid of him? So they can continue to carry out their crimes against children and sedition against the country. More from And We Know News.

SGTReport says the peaceful conclusion of the Virginia rally to support the 2nd Amendment shows conservatives are not like their liberal counterparts. No one was arrested yet those in power received a very clear message: Do not usurp our gun rights protected by the US Constitution.

RedPill78 says Rudy Giuliani is ready to go on the offensive against Ukraine businessman Lev Parnas. Fox News White House Correspondent Kevin Corke is dropping nuggets on the impeachment trial. Look for the Senate to quickly dispense with the sham trial. France is on strike against Macron. Also, proof that House Intelligence committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., has been leaking classified documents. More from RedPill78.

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