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The Dems’ Stunning Admission

The Democrat Party continued its mangling of impeachment proceedings on Day 1 of the trial with a stunning admission. After proclaiming for weeks that they had overwhelming evidence to impeach President Trump, the first thing the House managers did upon arrival in the Senate chamber was basically admit they weren’t ready to proceed because they needed more evidence, more subpoenas and discovery. And this after holding the Articles of Impeachment hostage for 33 days. Amazing! Patrick Philbin, deputy counsel to the president and a member of the impeachment legal team, says, “It’s a stunning admission of the inadequate and broken process that the House Democrats ran that failed to compile a record to support their charges.” Here’s more from Blaze TV.

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Meanwhile, new polls are showing that nearly every Republican voter, and a good majority of independent voters, stand opposed to the Democrats’ sham impeachment. The levels of opposition are so strong that it now appears every GOP senator will vote against impeachment, even those few, like Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah and  Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, who seemed to be flirting with the idea. In other words, the Democrats can push impeachment as an election ploy in the House, but they aren’t going to succeed. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

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Welcome to the Trumps of Impeachment. Working circles around the lazy Democrats. More from The United Spot.

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