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The Green Freestones

The Freestones have opened up a new Bedrock alongside the Washington Monument. More from The United Spot.

Door To Door

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden draw the assignment of going door to door to spread the gospel, as prescribed by the prophet Dr. Anthony Fauci. More from The United Spot.

Hey, Loser, Lost Your Way?

DeAnna Price and Brooke Andersen stand for the National Anthem after winning the women’s hammer throw at the U.S. Olympic Track and Field trials. The third place contestant, accentuating her status as an also-ran, declined to stand for the National Anthem, preferring to sulk and pitch her leftist political views.

Here on the Fourth of July, we salute winners Price and Andersen, and hope that the loser will someday show more class. More from The United Spot.

Is There Enough Time?

Send $5 and we will stop the sun from being so hot. The United Spot delivers an important message with a little help from AOC.

Who’s Flying The Plane?

President Donald Trump is pilot for a plane due to land, but the dumbo Democrats keep brushing him off, and gumming up the works. More from The United Spot.

I Am Always On Your Mind

President Donald Trump sings out to the Democrats. He was always on their mind. More from The United Spot.

Democrat Friday

It’s corn dogs at the border, and Barack and Mich-elle kicking the gong around in the garage. More from The United Spot.

The Silence of The Sheeps

Joe Biden gets the word from Smelly Pants Nancy Pelosi: Kamala Harris is in line to inherit his job. Biden isn’t exactly thrilled, but what’s he going to do? More from The United Spot.

Put Your Mask Back On

Nancy Pelosi launches a singing and performing career. More from The United Spot.

The Joe And Putin Show

Joe Biden meets Russian President Vladimir Putin. Joe is proud. He can still spell D-O-G! More from The United Spot.


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