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And For His Next Trick

Joe Biden has a deep bag of tricks. Meka Leka Hi, Meka Hiney Ho! More from The United Spot.

The Incredible Shrinking Man

The cackling hyenas on The Poo are getting in former President Donald Trump’s face once again. More from The United Spot.

Fired Brothers

Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell react to news they are losing their positions on the House Intelligence Committee, owing to their traitorous actions. More from The United Spot.

How Did This Happen?

Democrats square off against Republicans in a lightning round of America Says hosted by Barack Obama. Let;s see what America Says, at least, as Obama interprets the facts. More from The United Spot.

Everything’s Fine

The FBI grills Joe Biden over his irresponsible handling of classified documents. More from The United Spot.

Trump Used A Shrink Ray

The leftist nincompoops on The Poo explain how Trump used a shrink ray so he could invisibly enter Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, garage and obtain evidence of Biden mishandling classified documents. It’s “Joe Garage,” a belated release of a long-buried hit with a bullet from Frank Zappa!

Meanwhile, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez offers a cooking class, making use of her gas stove. And Karine Jean-Pierre waxes poetically. What other Democratic wizardry will be revealed through the powers of The United Spot?

It’s OK…The Garage Was Locked

Joe Biden explains how he kept classified documents under lock and key — inside his locked garage, next to his Corvette. More from The United Spot.

Did This Just Happen?

Is it true the House Republicans have ousted Eric Swallwell and Adam Schiff off the Intelligence Committee as well as Ilhan Omar off the Foreign Affairs Committee? What will they do for Act 2? More from The United Spot.

Biden Makes A Run For Border

Joe Biden is set to visit the American southern border, but somehow he sidelines his truck at a Taco Bell. Dig his hat: Keep America Broke! More from The United Spot.

Saving The World

Members of the January 6th Select Committee commiserate with fellow Leftists upon learning no subpoena will be issued to former President Donald Trump. More from The United Spot.

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