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CBS Drops Impeachment

A major network, CBS, has dropped its live coverage of the Senate impeachment hearings. Instead, CBS will air its usual daily allotment of soap operas, comedies and older reruns. Why? Because the public at large wasn’t at all interested in watching the impeachment drivel. Everyone knows it’s a sham, a political wedge put forth by the desperate Democrats. More from Tim Pool.

Lisa Haven gives another reason why CBS might have curbed its coverage. It’s looking like the Democrats’ impeachment move is collapsing. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, can’t stop lying. This hoax proves the intent of the Democrats to destroy our Constitution. Highlights!

Many Republicans walked out of the Senate during Schiff’s speech — a clear sign they intend to deny or block him. H.A. Goodman discusses the possibilities.

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We close with Vincent Vendetta, who explores the slippery, Deep State connections of the Demonrats. That’s right. Most of what the Demonrats do is preordained by the CIA, same as that agency dictates to the mainstream media. Maybe it’s rime the media started reporting the news again, and the Demonrats developed some independence, and stopped running cover for sex traffickers and drug runners.

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