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Durham Probe Accelerating

John Durham’s probe continues to bear down on Hillary Clinton and her crimes spying on her political rival Donald Trump. Not only spying occur at Trump Tower in New York City but even in the White house after the American public had elected Trump in 2016.

The leftist mainstream media might be trying to ignore Durham, but his probe appears to be accelerating and might soon lead to major indictments for illegal spying, treason and sedition against a host of Clinton’s crooked political associates. H.A. Goodman reports.

Baldwin Not Giving Up iPhone

Months after the shooting on the movie set of Rust, Alec Baldwin has not complied with the Santa Fe County Sheriff Department’s request for his iPhone.

New Mexico First District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies told the Los Angeles Times the iPhone is with Baldwin in New York and they are closely working with the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department to obtain any materials from the phone that are pertinent to the investigation.  H.A. Goodman has the details, plus more.

Goodman: Alec Baldwin A Liar

Alec Baldwin claims he was ordered by the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department to stop talking about the ongoing criminal investigation into the shooting death on the set of the film Rust. If true, he has violated the order several times, including a tell-all on ABC News with George Stephanopoulos.

So, was Baldwin really ordered to stop talking, then given permission to speak out to ABC News? “No. He lied about that and he lied about pulling the trigger,” H.A. Goodman says. “The man can’t stop lying, He goes from, ‘I’ve been ordered by the Sheriff’s Department not to speak about any aspect of this tragedy,’ to ‘Let me tell you how this happened.'”

Goodman reports that Baldwin actually knew there were live rounds on the property, because is stunt double had fired at least two live rounds days earlier. Goodman contends Baldwin, in his web of incessant lies, is determined to blame armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed for the shooting, no matter the circumstances. Here’s more of Goodman’s update.

Alec Blames Cinematographer

Calling Alec Baldwin’s interview with ABC News “highly deceptive and nauseating,” H.A. Goodwin reports the actor-producer is blaming cinematographer Halyna Hutchins for her own death and says he feels no guilt for ending her life. The tragedy occurred on the set of the movie Rust, filmed in New Mexico. The film’s director, Joel Souza, was wounded in accident.

In the highly publicized, prime-time interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Baldwin blames Hutchins for telling him to aim the firearm in her direction. He added that he pulled the hammer back, but did not pull the trigger, setting the firearm off. “That makes no sense. That’s not really possible,” Goodman says. “And you even have to modify a firearm to even make that happen.” A riled Goodman brings us more details from the interview and his analysis.

Another Twist In Rust Tragedy

The armorer for the film Rust was also doubling as prop assistant, according to the Los Angeles Times. The attorney for armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed said serving in both positions didn’t work out for her and an additional prop assistant was brought onto the set.

Gutierrez Reed then complained about not having a dedicated cart for firearms, begging executive producer Alec Baldwin for one before being denied. H.A. Goodman says it’s been reported that there were three firearms laid out on a cart, along with a tray of ammunition, before Baldwin’s alleged accidental shooting that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. “This makes no sense,” Goodman says. “It’s completely unsafe, and you’re waiting for an accident to happen.”

Was Gutierrez Reed overworked? Did Baldwin again violate protocol? Many questions still remained unanswered. Here’s Goodman with more details in the unending saga of the Rust tragedy.

Baldwin Intentionally Fired Gun

H.A. Goodman reports that matters just got exponentially worse for Alec Baldwin. Sourcing an article in the New York Post, Goodman says Mamie Mitchell, script supervisor for the film Rust, filed a lawsuit against Baldwin for violating protocol on the set.

According to the Post article, Mitchell claims Baldwin intentionally fired the shot that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. “There was nothing in the script indicating that a firearm was to have been discharged,” she says. Goodman says this is the second lawsuit filed against Baldwin. Earlier, the lighting director filed suit, also claiming  the scene did not call for him to fire the weapon. Here’s more with Goodman.

Baldwin Shooting Was Recorded

An eyewitness on the set of the film Rust, when Alec Baldwin accidently shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, told The Sun that the tragedy was recorded on camera as the cast and crew did a take rehearsing the scene. 

The insider claimed, “The camera was facing Alec, who was shooting in the camera’s general direction during a rehearsal scene that was being recorded. The cameras captured Alec shooting, but Halyna and Joel (Souza, director) were behind the camera, so I don’t think the cameras captured them being shot.” He said cameras, lights and props were damaged from the gunfire, with broken glass everywhere, so it is unclear if the footage would be salvable.

Contrary to the insider’s comments, H.A. Goodman is reporting the footage was saved on the Cloud. Goodman says the fact that the camera was destroyed is irrelevant in this day and age, since everything recorded is instantaneously sent to the Cloud or some other internet service. “The more you look into this, nothing makes sense,” Goodman says. “It’s either absolute incompetence or some kind of deliberate act, or something very bizarre.” Here’s more.

Armorer Wasn’t With Baldwin

H.A. Goodman says more evidence has surfaced in the shooting death of Halyna Hutchins, revealing the armorer wasn’t with Alec Baldwin in the church scene set of the film Rust when he pointed the gun at the cinematographer.

Says Goodman, “This is very bizarre. He pointed at the camera, knowing very well that Hutchins was behind the camera. And he was told never to point at a person. My question is, why did he need dummy rounds to begin with, when there was no filming?” Goodman added it was a tech prep and there’s no film or video evidence of Hutchins losing her life.

Goodman says from what we know, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the armorer, loaded the firearm, then assistant director David Halls took the gun. The big question is how many other people handled the firearm before Baldwin used it in the tech prep? Here’s more of Goodman’s analysis.


Durham Strikes Again!

H.A. Goodman reports that according to the Washington Times, Special Counsel John Durham has released 81,000 pages of discovery to indicted Democratic lawyer Michael Sussmann in his criminal inquiry into the Russia investigation. The reams of documents reveal details from grand jury subpoenas sent to 15 individuals and organizations.

The discovery, which likely includes opposition research firm Fusion GPS, were produced this month after lawyers representing Sussmann, who denies any wrongdoing, demanded more information while calling the allegations that he lied to the FBI five years ago vague and confusing.

Says Goodman, “I think they have a pretty good case of indicting other people. This is the Mueller probe, except there’s a predicate crime here. This is the United States government siding with the Democratic Party to set up and frame a candidate. This is breakthrough news.” Goodman digs deeper into the Times report with more analysis.

Arizona GOP: Audit Is Secure

The Arizona Senate has assured the Department of Justice that the forensic audit in Maricopa County is secure and the department’s worries about voter intimidation are unfounded. H.A. Goodman reports that the audit is the result of the Arizona GOP’s distrust of earlier recounts of the 2020 Presidential election in the same way Democrats were unhappy with the 2016 numbers.

Goodman gives us both sides of the story, including a look back at the chicanery of the Russian collusion story, the fake dossier paid for by Democrats and the fuss over President Trump’s tax returns.

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