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The Democrats’ Mood Schiff

Just 48 hours ago, the Democrat Party was full of itself, sure that yet another unsourced story in The New York Times from John Bolton’ new book would indeed turn the impeachment trial upside down and derail President Trump. They were throwing out terms such as “bombshell revelation,” game-changer” and “bombshell leak.” Then came came closing arguments from the president’s legal team, debunking the Democrat lies and the celebration shifted, or should we say “Schiffted.” The Democrat mood quickly soured, casting a pall on the efforts of House lead manager Adam Schiff and Senator Minority Leader Chuck Shumer.

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Meanwhile, we hear from Nasty Pelosi. She decides to take President Donald Trump up on his offer to read the transcripts. Maybe we should say she decides to fake up the President. More from The United Spot.

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