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Watch Hillary Enter The Race

What’s the real reason for the Democrats’ insane impeachment effort? All along, H.A. Goodman has said there’s a simple explanation.

No one believes any of the Democrats’ malarkey one iota. But they are working a distraction to allow their prohibitive frontrunner — Hillary Clinton — to wage one more battle royale against President Donald Trump.

Goodman says Clinton is now ready to join the race after her Facebook comments charging the social media platform is trying to ensure Trump’s re-election.

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While Hillary Clinton is still leaving the door open for a Presidential run, the reality is: She has missed the deadlines to enter most of the 2020 state primary elections already, so it’s doubtful she will become part of the Democratic field in 2020. The only way she might enter as a candidate: If the convention is brokered. Say the two leading candidates are Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, and neither can pull together a majority of the delegates. In that case, the Democrats could invite Hillary as the Presidential hopeful to save the party. Here, The Liberty Hound explores that option, drawing upon comments by Tucker Carlson.

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