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Notice how the Deep State declares Joe Biden sacrosanct. You can’t investigate him because he’s running for President. This is the same Deep State, of course, that defends its illegal probes of President Donald Trump on the campaign trial. He had to be investigated. He was running for President!

More from In Pursuit of Truth, taking a look at Lindsey Graham, the impeachment trial, the latest Q posts and the controversy surrounding Very Large Vanilla.

Who’s Very Large Vanilla? That’s the alleged “whistleblower” whose name we dare not speak.  He was actually a CIA agent responsible for paying the assassins who killed 100 police officers and civilians in Kiev, Ukraine.

Sen. Rand Paul identified this alleged whistleblower, who is actually just a criminal leaker. In so doing, Paul incurred the wrath of Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn. To which we say: Hey, Blumie, how about you lay off Rand Paul? Don’t you have some more Vietnam lies to spill?

Mark Dice also touches upon the controversy involving the whistleblower, whose very name opens with the acronym “C-I-A.” How can a bozo like this touch off a coup d’etat in the Ukraine in the month of February 2014 and then, forever after, we can’t identify him? He doesn’t speak for the American people. He doesn’t represent us. He is just another CIA thug and globalist pig, and merits absolutely no protection whatsoever.

The [Deep State]/Democrats they know they are in trouble. The fake impeachment has failed. There is no step 5. Now they are throwing everything out there to get Trump. The public is waking up. The public questioning it all. It is now time to drip out the next piece of information: All other crimes. The perfect storm is coming.More from the X22 Report.

Deja vous. George Washington/Donald Trump, both crossing the Delaware River. Revolutionary War is here upon us. More from Annette Cividanes.

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Boomerang! These people are stupid. And, yes, they are being exposed. All the world is coming to see who is behind the madness and how they are destroying our nations, our religions, our free speech, and attempting to subvert and subject us to demons. More from Craig Mason.

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