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Deep State Attacks To Intensify

The Deep State is down but it is too early to call them out. Don’t be surprised if there are more Deep State attacks. And they could get wilder. That’s the prediction of And We Know, who says the Deep State always attacks those who threaten it the most. Also, President Donald Trump gives his first public acknowledgment of Q. People in New Hampshire lined up two days in advance to get into Trump’s Manchester rally ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

The [Deep State]/Democrats have had their turn. It is now the patriots’ turn. We are in the 15th round and the patriots’ punch is much more forceful than anything the [DS]/D’s have ever seen. We are watching the total destruction of the [Deep State]. The patriots have just begun. The line has been drawn between the patriots and the traitors. Watch the patriots’ next move. Nobody is going to walk away from this one. More from the X22 Report.

“Mr. President, do you know who anonymous is?” the reporter asked. Trump answered, “I don’t want to say, but you’d be surprised.” Boom! More from In Pursuit of Truth.

Renegade and Evergreen — Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. RedPill78 celebrates the Great Awakening with news of President Donald Trump’s latest moves to cleanse the swamp. It’s a deep and dirty swamp that the corrupt Democrats have created in Washington, DC, so it will not be corrected anytime soon. But progress, even if belated progress, is now occurring. More from RedPill78.

Craig Mason brings us news of the Great Awakening. Among those he discusses: William Barr. Jussie Smollett. Roger Stone.



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