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America’s Stonehenge

Geologist Scott Wolter has reason to believe America has its own Stonehenge. With the help of a young man, Wolter explores the possibility that the Phoenicians are connected to this megalithic site, in Season 1, Episode 6, “Stonehenge in America.” The site is located on private land in Salem, New Hampshire. It is estimated to be close to 4000 years old. More from America Unearthed.

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The Code Has Been Broken

The patriots are moving forward with the audit. The [Deep State]/corrupt politicians are being exposed. The people are waking up quickly. The politicians are being booed. The election fraud will be exposed. The codes on the computer systems are being broken and the census data does not match what happened in the 2020 election. It’s only a matter of time. Tick tock . More from the X22 Report.

Let’s check out an interesting company named after Ingersoll Lockwood. Learn about the residents of Windham, New Hampshire, standing up to the officials trying to cover up election fraud. Here, we also get an explanation for the Arizona spy plane over the audit and learn of George Soros’s efforts to derail Conservative Hungarian leader Viktor Orban. More from RedPill78.

Will DJT resume office before 2024? He will if audits proceed and the truth is uncovered. Until then, GOP leadership keeps getting exposed as the Deep State players they are. Let’s look at a potential mistrial in Minnesota, the reason for the border crisis, and the difference between BLM/Antifa’s catch-and-release arrests and the incarceration of Trump supporters as domestic terrorists. Fear not, God is keeping score. More from Lori Colley.

Jordan Sather brings us a jampacked new Accordin To Jordan video. Among the many topics covered: Bill Gates’ divorce, Joe Biden’s new “vaccine” plan, The Big Lie and the latest UFO revelations from the Department of Defense.

People Refusing Vax En Masse

In this episode, danger around the Windham, New Hampshire Election Fraud Audit! Arizona Updates also. And people are refusing the #SuicideVaccine en masse!

All of this and more coming in this episode of The Silent War. More from Dustin Nemos.

Kamala Gets Testy

It’s been more than a month since President Biden named VP Kamala Harris as border czar, yet she’s yet to come within a stone’s throw of the area, much less the Northern Triangle in Central America, where she vowed to solve the southern border crisis.

So when Harris traveled to New Hampshire, rather than the border, over the weekend, she received some backlash from conservative media. And Harris didn’t take too kindly to a pointed question from a local TV reporter, who asked why she didn’t travel to the southern border instead of visiting New Hampshire. As expected, a testy Harris delivered a juvenile response: “I’m not going to play political games.”

Meanwhile, 17,000 juveniles are jammed into Biden’s border cages, which Harris called “progress.” Funny how she didn’t think that way during the Trump Administration, when the number of immigrants was considerably lower. Here’s more with Gary Franchi and Next Network News.

In The End The Patriots Win

The [Deep State] are now pushing their agenda as quickly as possible. [Joe Biden] is now moving into dictatorship and people are starting to recognize this. Trump and the patriots want the [DS] to do this and more so people can see it clearly. Dan Scavino sent out a message, letting us know that where we are now is not the end. It might seem impossible/long shot to remove the [Deep State] but it can be done. In the end the patriots win. More from the X22 Report.

On today’s episode of Red Pill News we reveal former CCP employees CURRENTLY working at the New York Times, it’s no wonder the MSM is in the state it is. We also have some good news about the New Hampshire forensic audit, dead voters in Pennsylvania taken off the rolls, another fate hate hoax and finally New York State lawmakers rewarding illegal aliens BIGLY. More from RedPill78.

Trump Voters Targeted

On today’s episode of Red Pill News, we examine the implications of a new tool online to identify and target political dissidents and Trump supporters in America. We examine the betrayal of Americans by the Supreme Court and the blowback on Adam Kinzinger for his targeting of his voter base. We look at evidence that the Michigan Secretary of State flooded mailboxes with Absentee voter applications to non-residents and non US Citizens, a new suit by Dominion, an Audit ordered in New Hampshire and finally, Joe Biden’s insurrection of the Capitol. More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media fell right into the trap the patriots set. Everything they wanted them to do has almost been accomplished. It is now time to look at the real crimes, it’s time to unleash the Durham on these individuals. Most likely when they try to get rid of Durham, Durham will unleash it all.More from the X22 Report.

Those who are not awake are starting to be redpilled after all of Joe Biden’s ridiculous orders. The dude doesn’t act like a President of the United States, but rather as a lowly, cowering vassal to the Communist Chinese. That makes sense after all of the money China gave Biden’s son Hunter. Some of that money, of course, landed in Joe’s purse as well.

And We Know returns with an amazing video that doesn’t give up hope. Not only is faith shown in God, but also former President Donald Trump and his allies, including the long-disgraced General Michael Flynn. Can the criminal CIA receive a comeuppance? How about the lying, deceitful FBI? Stand tall, patriots! Stay alert!

Bob Kudla, founder of Trade Genius, returns to SGT Report to discuss Jim Caviezel’s powerful new film about the nightmare of child trafficking Sound of Freedom. We also sound the alarm about serious inflation in the United States, rising interest rates and the battle for humanity and what remains of the Republic of the United States of America.


FBI Stingray Led To Maxwell

Months after Ghislaine Maxwell was taken into custody last summer in New Hampshire, the FBI revealed her mobile phone data was the key to her arrest. The feds apparently obtained a warrant in New York to access GPS and historical cell-site data from Maxwell, which narrowed the search to a one-square-mile radius in New Hampshire. Then they implemented Stingray technology, which allowed them to capture the phone’s location and details of its registered user.

Because this scenario is being reported in the biased mainstream media, many believe that Maxwell had already negotiated a deal with authorities and that the arrest and detainment were staged. Here’s Shaun Attwood with more details.

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Brennan’s Secret Trump Spies

Our favorite anon returns with several posts. Former CIA Director John Brennan was running a secret Trump spying task force out of Langley BEFORE the FBI investigation began. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and the tech giants prepare to LARP the public on Election Day. Project Veritas exposes more voter fraud in Hew Hampshire and Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been ordered to provide data on nursing home deaths in New York State! More from RedPill78.

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The patriots have now exposed these individuals on how they don’t care about the economy and the people. The [Central Bankers] have been brought down this path and there is no way out. The patriots have been planning the destruction of the [Deep State] for a long time. The only way to destroy them is through exposure. The more people see the more they understand. And once the people completely understand they can move forward with arrests and indictments and trials. The silent majority is no more. The people have the power. More from the X22 Report.

Today is a mirror image of the propaganda, book burning and street violence of the 1933 German S.A., or Sturmabteilung, the Nazis’ paramilitary Storm Detachment. Join me for a look at the Cue posts and the pizzazz-related ties. More from Lori Colley. 

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Who runs the paramilitary assault divisions of the Left? We know George Soros, the ex-Nazi, provides much of the funding, but who actually runs these units? JustInformed Talk offers a deep dive.

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Boats emblazoned with American flags and patriotic banners paraded from sea to shining sea on behalf of President Donald Trump. Kinder media is schooled! Keys Democrats depart! It’s happening! More from And We Know.


New Hampshire’s Double Voter

A New Hampshire man voted twice in the 2016 presidential election — once masquerading as a woman, one time voting as himself. He has admitted the ruse and details have been forwarded to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office nearly a year ago.  So far, the Attorney General’s office has done nothing to prosecute the man nor to ensure he doesn’t pull off the same scam again. In fact, he’s secured a job as an election monitor for 2020. How’s that for election integrity? More from Project Veritas.

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Ghislaine’s Jailing Confirmed

Lots of people have been questioning the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, who is, of course, Jeffrey Epstein’s fixer. As of this time, no mugshot has been released fueling speculation regarding the arrest.

In this call, the jails automated 24/7 inmate information line appears to confirm Maxwell is in Merrimack County Jail in Boscawen, New Hampshire, despite Maxwell not appearing on the inmate search website. More from Spiro.

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There was little Jeffrey Epstein wouldn’t do to satisfy his lust for young women and girls. It included spending millions of dollars masterminding a worldwide sex-trafficking operation. Countless innocent lives were destroyed. A year ago Epstein was arrested and a month later he died in custody. Investigators, though, refused to let this scandal go to the grave with him. Instead they shifted their attention to his high-profile friends.

One of them is the Queen’s son, Prince Andrew, who continues to dodge requests from the FBI for an interview. But late this week there was a significant breakthrough in the case with the arrest of socialite Ghislaine Maxwell. She’s accused of being Epstein’s right-hand woman and has been charged with multiple child sex offenses. As Tara Brown reports, for the first time in a long time, the victims in this wicked saga are feeling relief rather than terror. More from 60 Minutes Australia.

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