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YouTube’s Blatant Censorship

YouTube, the censorial arm of Google, continues to strike down each and every video that mentions the name of the alleged “whistleblower” whose complaints led to the impeachment of President Donald Trump. This is total balderdash and a clear sign this is a company that needs to be publicly upbraided and broken down into smaller, more manageable sizes. We cannot have a company of Google’s large scale that shows such wanton disdain for our Bill of Rights and trashes our Constitutionally enumerated freedoms. To hell with you Susan Wojcoicki. To hell with your amoral, Leftist crew.

We recommend Internet users seek out alternatives to this dictatorial and backward company. Use DuckDuckGo for web searches, for instance, and BitChute for your video viewing. We don’t anticipate Google/YouTube will be taken to task until after the 2020 elections, when hopefully, Republicans take control of the House from the lying, wastrel Democrats.

In the meantime, Tim Pool here enumerates a bit of the dilemma we’re facing and just how insidious Google/YouTube have become. They even steamrolled Sen. Rand Paul’s speech on the floor of the Senate, in which he named the whistleblower. When YouTube/Google is even censoring Senators, they are definitely heading down a dark alleyway.



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