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Twitter Already Changing

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has yet to be finalized and the social media giant is already changing. The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters noted some items have been posted since the purchase of Twitter that would have previously been banned, such as discussions on Covid vaccines and the horse paste narrative. Meanwhile, Lotus Eaters’ anchors Harry Robinson and Callum Darragh explain why the Twitter staff is literally in tears.

Pirate Of Silicon Valley

Elon Musk is raising the stakes, launching a hostile takeover of Twitter. He’s putting the Deep State between a rock and a hard place.

No doubt, the censor-pushing goons who run Twitter will resist his offer. But how will they defend their actions with Twitter shareholders? More from The Salty Cracker.

Whatever happens with the Musk offer, it’s hilarious to see all of the Leftist meltdowns. These are people who can’t win debates. They can only stack the decks and push their rabid censorship.

Hopefully, they’ll be left decimated at Twitter, so much so that their Leftist counterparts at Facebook and Google/YouTube will read the handwriting on the wall and stop acting like such fascist pricks.  Here, Paul Joseph Watson reviews the leftist meltdowns over Musk.

The Future Of Censorship

Welcome to The . . . The . . . Corbert Report? Hosted by, uhhhh . . . James? CorBETT? I’m filling in for today. I’d send you to his website but I forget what that is. Oh, I know! Let’s look it up on YouTube! What could go wrong? Censorship?

Biden In Total Panic Mode

Joe Biden hits full panic mode as the Democrats face a serious blowback in the midterm elections, mostly sparked by Biden’s insane energy policies and runaway inflation. Meanwhile, YouTube has censored and removed a Donald Trump interview video seen by five million people over the 24-hour period that the video remained active. More from Mr. Obvious.


They don’t age well. Who are they? We’re talking about the genetically engineered, AI-enhanced, bi-gender, goat goad wannabes!

Here, drawing upon banned videos that shine a light on the deception, McAllisterTV gives us a closer look at a bunch of these wannabes, starting with Aleister Crowley and progressing into the Hollywood spawn: Val Kilmer! Cher! John Travolta! David Letterman’s wife Regina! Sylvester Stallone! And even the little environmental prick Greta Thunberg!

Sit back and learn. Our hat trick goes to Susan Wojcicki, the YouTube CEO who ordered so many of these videos banned. Keep pushing your censorship, Susan. The more you try to erase the truth, the more we learn.


The Cyber War Begins

Major hacking groups are choosing sides and issuing warnings on behalf of Russia and the Ukraine. It remains to be seen how powerful these hacking groups have become and which might be able to disable or hack the computer systems of opponents.

Meanwhile, outfits like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are banning many news or government agencies affiliated with Russia. More from The Quartering.

Rogan To Rumble?

Dumb Money’s Matt Kohrs reports that Rumble is offering Joe Rogan 100 million reasons to leave Spotify. In a letter to Rogan, Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski wrote, “How about you bring your show to Rumble, both old and new, with no censorship, for 100 million bucks over four years?”

Kohrs, who was deplatformed by YouTube and Twitter, says this doesn’t mean Rumble is agreeing with what Rogan is saying, they’re agreeing that he has the right to say something. Here’s more of his analysis.

Bill Gates Is A Wanker

We all know Bill Gates is a wanker. Find out who else qualifies! Here’s some lighthearted musical comedy that likely wouldn’t pass the Chicom censors on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. In other words, all the Leftist CIA platforms!




Then They Came For RazorFist

Flipping the bird at the banhammer! More from RazorFist.

No Escape, No Deals

The [Deep State] narrative for the pandemic, Ukraine and everything else is falling apart. As big tech continues to ban people, Trump is welcoming them onto Truth Social. The battle is here. The storm is here. Buckle up. Clock activated.

The [Deep State] is now in panic mode. They know the people have turned on them. They don’t have the narrative. They are failing. The great offensive is now in motion. There will be no deals, no escape, only justice. More from the X22 Report.


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