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Just Who Is John Brockman?

Amazing Polly does another of her deep-dives. This time, she sheds some light on John Brockman, the literary agent specializing in scientific research who served as one of the major links between Jeffrey Epstein and the many scientists he befriended in the world of academia.

Brockman was the “intellectual enabler” of Epstein, who kept Brockman’s Edge Foundation on a retainer fee. Brockman’s famous literary dinners—held during the Ted Conference—allowed Epstein to mingle with scientists, startup icons and other tech billionaires.

Polly says this post is part-free form, part-dig. “I’m researching John Brockman’s wife (Katinka Matson) and I have to share what I’m finding because my mind is blown! I haven’t put the pieces together yet but maybe you have some ideas.”

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Katinka Matson and John Brockman


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