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Truth’s Relations With Reality

This is a conversation starter based on hearing people say “It’s like we’re living in two different realities.” More from Amazing Polly.

The Cult Of Tesla

Electric vehicles are stupid and the people who buy them are dumb and mean. Let’s have some laughs at their expense. More from Amazing Polly.

‘Tis The Season

Amazing Polly sends out good wishes for Christmas and reminds us: We must remain vigilant and guarded, as we’re now entering Satan’s Little Season. For those who haven’t read the Book of Revelations, Satan’s Little Season is a time when Satan attempts to deceive Christians and sow discord, knowing that his time is drawing to a close. The reign of the Antichrist is part of this chaotic period, as well as the Great Apostasy and Great Tribulation.

Amazing Polly shares her good tidings as well as a few stories of her own trials and tribulations, attached to her pivotal research.

YElon Synthesis

BOOM! Ye is revealing the method. I go over the symbol that got him banned from Twitter and the tentacles that come off of it. This is DEEP!

Much focuses on the obscure Raelian Movement, founded by Claude Vorilhon, as well as a New World Order synthesis that combines elements of technocracy and a New Age. More from Amazing Polly.

Free The Jews!

Have the Jewish people been traumatized and thought reformed into hyper-reactivity to perceived threats and are the Power Brokers exploiting them into the lie of Social Justice? I say yes. Let me explain. More from Amazing Polly.

FTX Is History Repeating

A manufactured cult of personality with high-level marketing. Amazing Polly looks at FTX vis-a-vis Groupon.

Standup comedian Kurt Metzger joins The Joe Rogan Experience to discuss the prodigious drug usage of Sam Bankman-Fried and his digital currency cohorts at FTX.

They indiscriminately screwed each other and got jacked up on amphetamines, playing League of Legends as they traded piles of hedge fund tokens rapidly shrinking in value. They had given the Democrats and a few key corrupt Republicans tons of campaign cash, so no one was monitoring the firm’s impending crash.

Survival Of The Sh-ttest

Con artistry and “better living through chemistry.” I base this video around the spectacular FTX crash and Kanye’s trainer Harley Pasternak, but it’s about something more. From Amazing Polly.

SM-102: Who’s Your Daddy?

I found another crazy connection when researching a ‘debunked’ Moderna injection ingredient. 1. I think the ingredient *is* dangerous, and 2. BOOM! Eugenics again. More from Amazing Polly.

Who Is Harley Pasternak?

Who is Harley Pasternak and why should you care? Pasternak has been identified by Kanye West as his handler. Your jaw will drop when you learn about this guy’s background and who he works with! More from Amazing Polly.

Pandemic Amnesty?

Hell to the no! More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Emily Oster wrote The Atlantic‘s whiny article titled “Let’s Declare A Pandemic Amnesty.” Not a chance in hell of that happening! More from Amazing Polly.

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