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Monkeypox Breaks Out!

BOOM! The Public Health Mafia is caught red-handed planning another ‘outbreak’ from which they can terrorize the public and make bank. Welcome to the world of monkeypox. More from Amazing Polly.


Raise Your Life Expectancy

I talk about 3 different types of ‘life expectancy” and this ridiculous new narrative about misinformation is impacting our lives. More from Amazing Polly.

Soros, Soviets, Science And Blood

I pulled some threads on Soros in Russia (USSR). I found fascinating stories & mind-blowing connections! More from Amazing Polly.

Permission To Breathe Freely

Amazing Polly returns with a new video addressing the dropping of the mass mandates on American airplanes. Most people are cheering the end to these ridiculous mandates. Amazing Polly chides the passengers, saying they should never have agreed to the mask mandates in the first place. The full title of her video, “Permission To Breathe Freely, Sir?”

The ruling clearly means an end to air and train mandates requiring passengers to wear masks while in transit. The only possible exception: If the Biden administration is so moronic they challenge the ruling. We know they’re dumb. But they can’t be that moronic, can they? More from Mr, Reagan.

Exposing The Global Network

You’ve heard of the Young Global Leaders? Global Shapers is a second layer of penetration by the Great Reset’s Klaus Schwab & World Economic Forum. It’s deep! More from Amazing Polly.

Modernity 7. Nuclear fallout edition! More from Paul Joseph Watson.


Ukraine War: Alternative Takes

Amazing Polly turns her attention to the war in Ukraine. She believes the nation is under attack from Russia because Ukraine has been seized by Globalists, including George Soros and his CIA minions. She delves into Canada’s involvement, including its deputy prime minister Chrystia Freeland, whose mother was Ukrainian. Freeland’s combative position against the Freedom Convoy truckers stirred much outside debate and disapproval.

Mel K gets details on the Ukraine, Taiwan and other hotspots from Benjamin Fulford, an alternative journalist known for his provocative investigatory reports. Here, Fulford offers evidence that George Soros is dead, saying his children recently split and divided up Soros’ properties and assets, something they wouldn’t have done had he still been alive. If this is the case, obviously, recent Soros statements regarding the Ukraine could be fabricated, as so much of the evidence surrounding the war is false or made up.

Fulford also discusses the nuclear accident at Fukushima in Japan. He believes the Rothschilds orchestrated the event to try to force an evacuation of Tokyo, possibly with residents being shuttled over to North Korea.


Fight Or Flight?

Every time I get like this things change for the better so take this video with a spoon of sugar, please! 🙂 The Emergency Act passed putting all Canadians into a state of arbitrary “justice.” More from Amazing Polly.


Convoy: Threats And Risks

Should you go to Ottawa or send the government a message another way? I go over: Government Response, Danger Signs, Shady Characters, The Hack / Leak by the manic Aubrey Cottle and more…from Amazing Polly.

Canada Rising!

On the scene in Canada with Norman Travesty, giving updates on the truckers and their Freedom Convoy. They are receiving worldwide support. The police are helpless to stop what is happening! More to follow from McAllister TV,

Please join us for a little refuge from the cold. We chat about the convoy, share some video clips we found, and more. Here’s an update from Amazing Polly titled The Convoy Vs. The Tyranny.


A Warning To The Truckers

Amazing Polly delivers a warning to the Canadian truckers and convoy supporters to keep their eyes on the four individuals who are claiming to represent the larger group. In particular, Amazing Polly is concerned what could go wrong if these individuals divert funds that have been donated to benefit the truckers.

Meanwhile, the Canadian politicians are becoming more threatening to the truckers. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got out of his basement to warn them to go home.

Doug Ford, the premier of Ontario Province, delivered a much sterner threat.

These politicians should be reminded: It wasn’t the truckers who kept people locked up for two years under false pretenses, it was these lying douchebags holding political office. With the pandemic ending, it’s time every one of them is punished for their duplicity.

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