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Scary Side of Bolshevik Bernie

As Bernie Sanders continues his quest for the White House, he continues to talk Democratic socialism. What he’s buried for the moment is his once-ardent praise for violent, revolutionary socialist regimes, ala Castro and Cuba, Ortega and the Nicaraguan Sandanistas and, of course, his beloved Soviet Union, where he honeymooned. Since Bolshevik Bernie got into Congress, though, he has mostly stopped praising violent socialist revolution, but he’s never taken back the extensive praise he’s given to all sorts of socialist regimes. Suffice it to say: Once a commie, always a commie. Here’s more from Stossel TV.

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Bolshevik or not, Bernie Sanders is holding onto the lead in the 2020 Democratic race, taking 1st place by a sizeable margin in Saturday’s Nevada caucus, with Joe Biden a distant 2nd place. Chris Stirewalt breaks it down on Fox News.

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