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Media In Full Panic Mode

The president has just seen his approval rating reach its highest point ever in the RCP polling aggregate.

Donald Trump is currently enjoying the highest approval of his presidency at 47% and his approval in dealing with the global crisis is even higher, as high as 60%.

But the media is in full panic mode as this means Trump is poised for a November landslide reelection.

The ratings for Trump’s press events are through the roof as well so media should be happy but in spite of how well they are doing they now say they want to cancel Trump’s press briefings.

They say Trump lies but at the same time they prop up Democrats Andrew Cuomo and write puff pieces about his strong leadership and “empathy.” Even when Cuomo does similar things to Trump, they praise him.

The media are in the bad for the Democrats and we all know it. More from Tim Pool.

What’s causing an even bigger panic? All the big-time professional media types are having to struggle to try to continue to broadcast their shows, either from their homes or makeshift studios. These might be professional media, but they are, in many respects, rank amateurs. More from Mark Dice.

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